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"Youth is Love - Maturity is Wisdom - Old is Truth " by Beinsa Douno


While one is in the physical world, he goes through three states: young, adult, and old. In the Divine world, these three states symbolize the three great virtues: young people represent Love, adults – wisdom, and old people - truth. Therefore, if a young person cannot acquire life, Love has not yet come in him. If an adult does not acquire knowledge, wisdom has not yet come in him. If an old person does not acquire freedom, truth has not yet come in him. If you are young, Love and life are with you. If you are adult, knowledge and wisdom are with you. If you are old, truth and freedom are with you. Your hair and your beard are grey. It does not mean anything. That old age is of a special nature. Old age means a state, in which a person is freed from all constraints of life. An old person is free to do whatever he wants. An old person may rejuvenate as much as he wants. He becomes a magician. He may do whatever he wants.

Whom do we call young? While Saturn is not manifested in someone, while he is jolly, he is young. Once Saturn manifests in him, he is old. Till which age one is young? Even if one is 100 years old, if he is jolly and in good mood, he is young. One, who becomes downhearted, is not young. In this sense, everyone can answer himself whether he is young or old. If your wounds heal easily, this indicates that your thoughts and feelings are good. In this situation, you are taken as a young person. One, whose wounds do not heal easily, is old. Doctors will say that the reason for that is the impure blood. We make a different conclusion, and namely: old people have impure blood. Young people’s blood is always clean. So, you shall know that old age means neither the physical appearance of somebody, nor the years, but it means impure blood. Old is one, who is hindered by evil. One, who is not hindered by the evil, is young. Young people are good, and old ones are bad; Young people are strong, and old ones are weak.

I will tell you something, about which you have not thought: there are conditions for aging in young people. It is the weak side that there are conditions in young people to grow old, to break God's law, and if they break it, they will grow old. There are conditions in old people to rejuvenate. It is the Divine side in old people. While you are young, if you do not understand God's law, you should know that there are conditions to grow old. And once you get old, you will die. It is the human side. Once you get old, if you are aware of the fact that there are conditions in the old age for rejuvenation, it is the Divine side – you will rejuvenate. But if you lose that condition in the old age, you will not rejuvenate. Why have you grown old? It is because you do not know that old age is hidden in your youth. And when you grow old, you again do not know that youth is hidden in your old age. You do not know two things: first, you do not know that youth is in old age, and when you grow old you say, “We grew old. What we thought, what we were, and what we are now!” - and then you again do not know that youth is hidden in the old age. So, when a person is born, the devil is hidden in the youth. And you have to find that devil, drive it away, and not let it show. Youth, it is a movement; old age is stagnancy, a holiday. A body is in stagnancy if it is old, and it is in motion if it is young. Everyone, who does not move, is old, and everyone, who moves is young. Everyone, who does not think is old, and everyone, who thinks, is young. Everyone, who does good, is young, and everyone, who does not do good, is old. Scripture says that a person is old if he does not do good. There are two personalities in humans: there is one that is old, and there is one that is young. Dissatisfaction in people is old age, and satisfaction in people is youth. Joy is youth, and sorrow – old age. Health is youth, and disease is old age. Wealth is old age, and poverty is youth. One, who is sluggard, is old, and diligent people are young. Diligence is youth, idleness is old age.

One can be neither old, nor young. Youth and old age - these are internal psychological states in humans. One does not grow old only by his own fault. Thousands of generations have led irregular lives, in which they lost everything most sacred in them and today these souls that are behind in their development groan, suffer, and feel old. You say, “What do these people have to do with him?” They are connected with him in a karmic way and until he corrects his attitude toward God, he will always be under their influence. Today, in the opposite way, you will suggest yourself that even if you live 500 years, you may still be young and cheerful. Youth of people is not in the external changes, but in his soul and in the power of his spirit.

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"Youth is Love - Maturity is Wisdom - Old is Truth" by Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov)




From the 1st to his 7th year, one develops mainly physically. From the 7th to 14th year, one develops mainly his heart. From the 14th to 21st year the mind is developed. So, from an occult point of view, people are divided into three ages: some of them are from 1 to 7 years old, others - 7 to 14 years old and third ones – from 14 to 21 years old.

You will say: “How can be there different spiritual ages, when it is said that man was created in the image of God?” It is said that the first person is created in the image of God. As for the people, who inhabited the Earth after the Fall of man, it is quite a different matter. Their development is not the same as their first father. Therefore, they are at different physical and mental ages. We may say the same for a child that spends nine months in the womb until it develops into a human form.

There is a period of 7 years. Conditions change every 7 years. From the 1st to 7th year – it is a child. From the 7th to 14th year - it is already the second phase; feelings start to develop. From the 14th to 21st year - the mind develops within these 7 years. In other words, the body grows during the first 7 years. Children, in general, love to eat, they serve their stomachs. During the second seven years they serve their hearts. In the third seven years they begin to think a little. That is why students from 14th to 21st year become poets. At high school, almost all of them write poems. From the 21st to 28th year they become rational. Then a critical period of 3 years comes and if one survives, he will become a human, and if he does not survive, he will not. If you do not arrange your life till the age of 28, it will be hard for you to arrange it from then onward. Things repeat. From the 28th year on, you are in the fourth period. You enter the utmost limit. You are in the causal world. All possibilities are there.

Young children get sick when they start teething. Then inflammation occurs and temperature increases. Girls, at the age of 14, pass through certain painful conditions again. So, in all transitional periods, humans pass through painful conditions, and namely: from the 2nd to the 7th year, from 7-14, from 15-21, from 21-28, from 28-35, etc.

Male and female sexes do not change in the invisible world, and they change on Earth. The following ages in human life are important: 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60. Changes happen in these ages.

From the 1st to 7th year, one passes through the state of growing - a child does not go away from home. From 7th to 14th year, one passes through the phase of an animal - he begins to move freely and goes away from home. From 14th to 21st year, one begins to think, enters the phase of true human.

From age of 21 to 42, one again passes successively through all these seven years, through these three phases: from the age of 21 to 28, one is again in the phase of growing. From the age of 28 to 35, one is again in the phase of an animal and from the age of 35 to 42 – in the phase of human. These phases repeat till advanced age.

I think that in the early years - till the 20th year – a woman is young. From the age of 20 to 40 - the woman is adult. From the age of 40 to 60 - the woman is old. After the age of 60, things repeat. From the age of 60 to 80, the woman is again young. The desire to love the young occurs in her. Generally, there are old women, who marry old men at the age of 60. From the age of 80 to 100, she is an old woman and from the age of 100 to 120, she is an old grandmother. She has already acquired all the knowledge. She gets twice younger.

The first seven years you are in the physical world, the second seven years you are in the astral world, the third seven years - in the mental world, and the fourth seven years - in the causal world. You will pass through these worlds up. As after 49 years you will be given conditions for something to be repeated for you. If something is not done, the same conditions will be given for you to do what you have missed. If you do not do it again, after 49 years you will have the same conditions. Twice in life you are given conditions for something. So, one is smart if he uses the first conditions.

There are three mature ages: from the 1st to the 30th year - this is the physical life of man. The age of 30 is the mature age of life. The spiritual life of man is till the age of 60. The sixtieth year presents the mature life of the spiritual man. The third phase is up to the age of 90. It presents the mental life of man. Man begins to understand the Divine. When one becomes 90 years old, he will start to understand the Divine.

After living for 20-30 years, we have one state since we have been children. Then, in adult age, we have another state, we think otherwise. When we get older, we think again differently. Now, I call these 3 states of life ‘3 phases’. One of the phases is connected to the stomach system. The other phase, the phase of the adult age, is connected to the lungs. The third phase is connected to the brain. In the adult age, humans live in the lungs. As a child, one lives in the stomach, in the solar plexus. When one gets older, he lives up in his head. Then he has all things

I split life into 3 phases. Some divide it into 7 phases. If during the first phase of 20 years you live well, I predict that you will live well during the second 20 years, too. If live well during the second 20 years, you will live well during the third 20 years, too. Then I can conclude that at the age of 60 you will be in the prime of your life. What happens at the age of 30 will be the same at the age of 60. Once you get to the peak of the 60th year, you will live another 60 years well. Our life is divided into three parts. If you spend well the first division of 20 years, you will be still well at the age of 60. Once you come to the peak of those 60 years, you will not live only 60 years. But if down in the poor conditions you have lived 15 years well, I can predict you that you have for living only 30 years: 15 years and 15-30 more. If in the first division you have lived well only for two years, you will live only four years. But this science is dangerous. It is better if people do not know it. Why? It is because people have not lived harmoniously, it can easily be predicted for someone that after a few hours he will be gone. It is better if humans do not know when they are going to die.

One must have patience to achieve his good desires. In order good desires to be achieved, there is a law that goes periodically. According to that law, things are repeated every 22 years. If 22 years ago something has happened, in 22 years it will be repeated again, but in another form. So, every 22 years you will have a high tide and a low tide. If at the age of 22 you lose the first high tide, at the age of 44 you will have a second high tide. At the age of 66, you will have a third high tide. At the age of 88, you will have a fourth high tide and this will continue up to 120 years and until that time you will have several high tides. It is important you to use that high tide and that low tide wisely. When a hardship comes, do not say that you suffer, because suffering is also useful.

There are transitional forms and states, but there are permanent ones, too. No matter how you change a form, finally Nature will turn it into its permanent form. Which form is permanent for humans: the child one, the form of an adult, or the one of the old person? None of them is. All three forms change, because they present conditions for studying. By going from one form to another, one studies. Which is the true, real form of humans? It is the one that never changes.

Man passes through several phases of life until he is able to include everything in himself. The first phase of human life is the personal or the materialistic life when one lives only for himself. The second phase is the public or the spiritual life when one lives for the home, for the society, for his nation. The third phase of life is the universal or the Divine life when one lives for the whole. It is not bad one to live for himself, but he needs to revise his inert matter. This can be achieved only through noble life in accordance with the Rational Beginning in the world. Only rationality is able to transform, stir and remake the inert matter.

So, private life is related to the matter, public life - to powers, and universal life - to the Divine thoughts that guide the whole life. Everyone should strive for universal life to shape and develop his mind and his heart, to give scope to his spirit and his soul. This is the right path to self-education. To live for the whole does not mean that you should not live for yourself. Religious people say that one should live only for God. This is a narrow-minded understanding of life. You have to live for God, for your neighbor, and for yourself.

When one gets into the universal life, he connects with the whole, which includes all beings from the smallest to the largest ones. In this situation, the attitude of somebody toward plants, animals, and people becomes equal.

Some time ago a friend told me an Arabic anecdote. It is the following. When God created the world and all animals, He determined each animal to live for 30 years: He determined 30 years for the man, for the donkey - 30 years, for the dog - 30 years, and for the monkey - again 30 years. One day God called the donkey and asked it, “Are you grateful for the 30 years that you have?” “Well, God, I do not want to live 30 years. They are too many for me! That treating, these taunts toward me… It is hard for me to bear them 30 years. Make them a bit less - at least by half. Take away 15 years.” As the man was a king, he lived well and said, “God, I am a king, I will rule for a long time. Give these 15 years to me.” He had 30 years and after taking 15 years from the donkey, his years became 45. Then He called the dog and asked it, “Are you pleased with your 30 years?” “These 30 years are too many for me to meander, shivering in the cold. Make them a bit less. God agreed and took 15 years from the life of the dog and gave them again to the man and his years became 60. Finally God called the monkey, “Are you grateful that you will live 30 years?” “No, God, I do not want to be the butt of the world, to make me go up and down from the poles. These years are too many for me. Make them a bit less.” He took 15 years from it, too and gave them to the man. So, the life of the man became longer than the lives of the other animals.

Now I ask: what did the one, who composed the anecdote, mean? What is the idea hidden in it? If you ask the Turks why people suffer, they say that people suffer, because they are sersem (transl. note: This is in Turkish. The translation is: giddy). According to the Arabs and their anecdote, people live good human life till the age of 30. Till the age of 45 they live like a donkey, from 45 to 60 – like a dog, and from then on – like a monkey. When one comes to the years he has borrowed from the donkey, they say: well you have taken them from the donkey. When many sufferings come to one’s life, they say: well you have taken from the dog's life, so you will suffer. When one comes to the years he has taken from the monkey, they say: well, you have taken from the monkey and everybody will mock at you.

The conclusion is that if we act according to the mind of the donkey, we will bear the consequences of the life of the donkey; if we act according to the mind of the dog, we will bear the consequences of the dog's life, and if we act according to the mind of the monkey, we will bear the consequences of the life of the monkey. So, every single life is determined by the degree of the internal intelligence, i.e. by the consciousness that one has.

A person develops to a certain age when growing stop. Periodically there is growing and breaks. There are also standstills. In these standstills, the growing of another creature starts - you gather some energy for the next year.

If a child does not grow, it cannot develop. If an adult does not grow, he cannot develop, either. They say that people grow to the age of 25 and then stop. From the age of 25 upwards people stop growing in height, but grow in width. No matter if one grows in height or in width, it is important that a permanent change takes place in the organism. From the age of 25 upwards, the brain grows and develops. This continues until old age, even up to the age of 120. While growing up, one could be useful.

People grow up to the 45th year, so they benefit of eating, but they lose from the age of 45 to 90. No matter how much you take, you always lose. From the 1st to the 45th year the body increases, and from the 45th year, it begins to decrease.

Our body is a Divine garment that is constantly renewed. Every 7 years it is renewed. According to the old beliefs or some scientific data, your body changes every 7 years. According to some scientific data, it is known that everything that people have in themselves changes every 3 months. Thanks to that continuous exchange that takes place, people feel healthy and cheerful. If one does not know how to change his garment, he gets older.

The age of 60 – it is the zenith, the apex. The real work begins from the age of 60 onwards. There is no need to hurry to leave for the other world. When you go to the other world, you would wish again to come here on Earth.

On top of a high mountain, of which two sides are steep, there is a very nice place. You were born in the valley and started crawling. You want to climb to the top, to the peak. You go up, but you do not stop there. You want to see what there is at the other side of the mountain. There you may find exactly what you have passed through. You see the one and the other place and you start going down until you come back to the base of the mountain and say, “It is interesting at the peak.” It is interesting, but one may stay there a little. When you go up to the highest place of your life, you will stop there for a while and you will begin to go down.

When you reach the age of 60, the Sun is perpendicular. You are at the highest point. After the age of 60 you go to the other ridge and you begin to go down. When you reach the age of 120, you are there, from where you have started. You have made a semicircle: you have gone up to a mountain and come down in life.

Those, who do not understand the laws of God, will find a great contradiction. It starts from the good and goes up to the rational: one ascending and one descending. You will go up to the rational only once, to the good - twice. When you go down to Earth, you will come down to it and coming down, you will again stop at it. You will go down to the same status, from which you have started. Now, why do you meet the good twice, and the rational - only once? You meet the good twice for man is in a state of uncertainty on Earth. Once you meet the good and it is female, you will meet the good again as male. As there is no uncertainty in the mental world, there is no male and female in the Divine world, so you will go to the latter only once. As long as you repeat, you are in a state of uncertainty. Then there is uncertainty in the world. You are in a world of changes. You are not in the world of reality. You will go down to the place, from where you have stared in your youth. In your old age you will be as weak as when you were a child.

From the age of 50 to 120, work is the most useful and beneficial. It is the work for your raising and for the raising of the whole humanity.

Some of you are 45 years old, others - 50 years old and third ones – 60 years old. Those, who are 50 years old, have entered the feelings. You fall in love now, love affairs, etc. You may fall in love also at the age of 60. Everyone may make jokes. While sitting you may dream. At the age of 60 you may be a poet, at 70 - fix the world, put it in order, at 80 - generous, give out the good things that you have, at 90 - release people from the prison, saying, “Go out in the fresh air!” At the age of 100 you will show what the public bank is. At the age of 110 you will show what the reasons for contradictions in life are. At the age of 120 you will show how men and women, brothers and sisters, and the whole world to live in agreement.

People say nonsense until the age of 48. They may make lots of stupid things. From the age of 48 to 68, they lead ordinary lives. From the age of 68 to 98, they live talented lives, and from the age of 98 to 120, they live the lives of saints.

In the physical life, till the age of 19, young people are flexible. They have great flexibility in their bodies, in their movements. It is nice to see a good movement. People keep this till the age of 35. After the age of 35, mothers become critical, lose that flexibility. She has not that flexibility now and it is hard for her to bend. Come to love the numbers 19 and 35. They are extreme poles.

They say, “My grandfather was a very learned man, a very noble man. He had great achievements. My grandfather was a great wrestler before.” However, he is not a wrestler when he is adult. He cannot be a wrestler after the age of 50. The wrestling period start at the age of 21 and is finishes up to the 40th year.

In childhood people should cry. From the age of 7 onwards, the child should cry less and eat well. When it becomes 21 years old, it has to study well. When it becomes 33 years old, it should plow its fields and take good care of them. When it gets old, it should educate its thoughts and feelings. In old age there is no need of crying. It has already learned that science. Crying is also science.

There is no real crying in the world. It happens perhaps every ten or twenty years. In a life of 33 years, it may happen so that you to cry once. It is real crying. From the age of 29 years to the age of 30, people pass through the greatest sorrow. There is one place, where one may cry a little. The other crying is a habit.

At the age of 33, consciously or unconsciously, people enter a more spiritual life. They find an internal balance.

Youth can be compared to the process of involution, to going down into the matter. This process continues until the age of 33. From the 33rd year onwards, the evolutionary process, the ascending begins. And this process continues for about 33 years. An average person lives about 66 years.

You have to come to that consciousness, in which you will not get old anymore. When you get to the age of 33, you shall not get older. When you come to the age of 33, you will keep yourself in the way you are at that moment and you will remain young as long as you wish.

Once you learn to love, you will not get older. You will be young, 33 years old. When you grow old, you will take off your old skins and you will rejuvenate in this way.

As disciples, you shall try to get rid of the word “old”. You will not think you are old, but that you have been sent to study. When they ask you how old you are, you will say, “I am 33 years old”. Those, who have not come to that age, will keep in their minds their 21st year, and those, who have passed that age, will keep in their minds the 33rd year. “How old are you?” “I am 33.” “How is that?” “Well, my age does not change.” So, I ask: if you have 33 solar years, to how many our years do they correspond? They correspond to 660 million years. We have to be consistent, too. We will show people that we are from those, who do not age. To live one solar year, 20 million of our years are required. We are at the beginning of the 21st year or at the beginning of the 33rd year. Next year we again will be 21 or 33. You will ask, “How is that?”

We have to measure our lives by the life of the Sun, and not by the life of Earth. We grow old prematurely, because they have separated us from the solar energy and connected us with the energy of the Earth.

When we talk about young and old, we mean the physical life. When we talk about the angelic life, there are no old and young beings. Everybody is 33 years old there. There are no older than 33 years and younger than 33 years.

The ultimate limit of the present life is 120 years. There are exceptions when some people live even more than 120 years. Whether you are ready or not, after 120 years, you have to leave the school on Earth and go to another school. In this way you will pass through an internal change of the status. Without these changes one is in the ordinary life, where he loses the meaning of all things.

According to the new teaching, humans are determined to live 120 years and within this period, they have to serve themselves without somebody else’s help. The human of the new teaching shall not be ailing. And when the time comes for leaving to the other world, he still shall be healthy and he shall not have been ill.

For now, humans are determined to live 120 years on Earth. If one takes off the old and dirty clothing earlier, we say that he has left the Earth prematurely.

By living a good life or your good life is weaving, it is arrangement of your organism for the future. All your thoughts, feelings, and all your volitional acts, which you use now, no matter in what direction, will be used in your future building. You ask: what will we gain? You will gain. If not today, maybe after years, after 10, 20, 30, or after 50 years, after 120 years you will have a complete result at the end of that life, which you have now. Now, each of you has a life of 120 years. You have such a credit that is determined for you. 120 = 3. Suppose that someone lives 60 years. Then he has scarcely realized 6. One, who has realized 70, has 7; 80 - 8 and 90 - 9. I ask those, who have realized 6, 7, 8, 9 - who has realized more? In that case, the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 are produced by the number 3. They are parts of a whole. This is the total capital, which one has at his disposal and you have used only 60 or 70, and others – 80 of their capital, and the other part of the capital remains unused. Therefore, if you are a smart person, you may benefit.

But once you come to the age of 120, the process will change there. The second time then, how much will you have? (“Then we will have more.”) Well, how many? (“Twice more.”). Nature is a great miser. The second time you will have this number - 121. It will put your entire acquisition for 120 years in that 1. But 1 shows that the capital of a lifetime is used. And where you can see that 1? When you look at the human face, you can guess the thousands of years one has spent.

Stop thinking you are old! Somebody was 85-year-old and considered himself old. What are 85 years for the Cosmos? You are still a baby. Life is eternal rejuvenation. You will go to the Divine workshop, will rejuvenate, will grow old here and rejuvenate again for several times until you learn how to rejuvenate by yourself.

When you are 80 years old, you say, “We are old.” What are 80 years? You have not worked – Earth has been making efforts for 80 years, it has gone round the Sun 80 times and you say that you are tired. You look like the fly in that anecdote, where the fly had got on the horn of the ox and said, “I ploughed the field during the whole day.” The ox had carried it and it thought that it had ploughed.

Never keep negative energy in your mind! For example, someone says, “I am not much gifted. I have no great gifts. I have just ordinary talents. I have passed the age. I am only for some other existence.” There is no philosophy in that. How old are you? You are 20-30 years old. Is that an age? 30 - 36 are three Jupiter years. If you go to the distant planets, you will not be even one year old. And if you go to the Sun, which makes one turn along its orbit for 20 million years, how old will you be then? When the Sun makes one turn for 20 million years, we have one solar year. People are to live a very long life on the Sun. We think that 20 million years are something huge.

At first you have to learn what people can give you and the Divine will then come. You have made lots of efforts in that direction and you may have a new measure of life. The bad thing is that now you think that the years have progressed. How old are you? I think years are not important. Jesus told his disciples, “It is not important for you to know years and times, which God has put in His power. The present day is important.” If you know the measures of the day, the year does not exist. Year consists of days. One day is something real, from sunrise to sunset. This is a lifetime, through which you pass. What does a day cost? One day is equal to 120 years. Through what you pass in a day, you should have 120 years in the past to have the same experience. In the evening you have passed 120 years and you go to another world. You sleep. This is dying. The next day you wake up and you are born again.

What will you gain at the age of 120, tell me! At the age of 120 I put a comma after 12. At the age of 120, you are 12; the zero is the conditions. At the age of 120, you have made a turn in your zodiac sign. When you reach the age of 120, you are only one year old. You have traveled over your zodiac sign only once.

You have to develop the physical powers in you. People have things, which have to be developed till old ages. And if you followed the laws of Nature, you would live very naturally. Now the utmost limit is 120 years. There are 12 zodiac signs. So, 10 years in each zodiac sign, they are 120 years. But one cannot make a circle - some people live only a month, others - one year, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 70, 80. At the age of 80, they begin to think that they have got old and say that they should go to the other world and that they have nothing to do at the physical level any more.

I recommend you to work on yourself. Someone has past 45, 50, 60 years. You, even at the age of 120, shall work. One solar being at the age of one is 120 million our years old. In order Sun to turn around its center, it takes 20 million years. A being that is 20 million earth years old is one solar year old. You are 100 years old - what part is that from the Sun? You are talking about old age. 120 years are a toy; they mean nothing. Life is to be measured through Love.

People think that a conceived child has nothing to do with life. Its life on Earth for 120 years will be the same as it was in the womb for nine months, nothing more. The nine months in the womb determine the life for 120 years. And the life in another world will be the same as the 120-years life on Earth. Your 120 years on Earth determine your life in the Heavenly world. You will live there 2,500 years. 120 years on Earth - 2,500 in the invisible world. Now, you cannot live 2500 years, because there is a reason for that. You have not been 9 months in the womb, you were born earlier. Some people are born a month earlier. And they cannot be in the other world longer, either.

When you die, you are free and already young. You have been, for example, 120 years old here, and when you die, you have a different body – you are young as a boy of 15-16 years. But it does not concern all souls. For smart souls death is liberation, and for not smart souls - torture. What you can do on Earth in 50 years, in the other world it can be done in 250 years.

In the spiritual world, old age is determined by the number of times when a person was reborn on Earth. Suppose that one was reborn 500 times for 100 years - 50,000 years. He is an adult.

So, when you want to become rich, you lose your energies. When you want to become a very educated person, when you want to suddenly become a scientist in 10-15 years, you lose your energy. I will explain that in this way: to become a child as it should be, a decent child, you have to live 25,000 years! You will become a child in this way. To become a middle-aged person - 14 years old, you need another 25,000 years. To become a 21-years-old person, you will need another 25,000 years. To become a 45-years-old person, you need another 25,000 years. And to become a 120-years-old person, how many do you need? You need millions of years! They say for a child: it is a child of one year. If you multiply each year by 25,000, you will find one number.

Earth moves constantly around the Sun and rotates around itself. So, we have two states. I make the following comparison: the first state, i.e. the rotation of Earth around itself is for thinking of us. That is our axis. And the law of loving our neighbor corresponds to the rotation of Earth around the Sun. And the Sun with the whole Solar System moves around its center and together with it we make a big circle. With Love, in 24 hours, you will turn around yourself and will go around the Sun for 365 days. We are talking about the Divine life in us. It requires a long period. It takes the Sun 20 million years to go around that Divine center. I ask: how many times do you have to come to Earth to do that? If, at each coming, you live 120 years, how many times you have to be reborn in order to spend a solar year of that Divine life? You may calculate it by dividing 20 million by 120. If you turn around yourself, you will have a small gain. If you go around the Sun, you will have a greater gain. And if you go together with the Sun around that Center, you will have a great gain. And your life will make sense.

Imagine three states in your mind: keep the state of a child's life, keep the life of an adult in your mind, and keep the life of an old man in your mind. These three states shall be as poles in your mind. You need to have a child, an adult man, and an old person, not a feeble one, but a wise man in your mind. Then you compose an entire adult of 33 years. That child, that adult man, and that old man of 120 years compose a home. Then, you will have a foundation, on which you can build.

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