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"Cosmic Man" by Beinsa Douno

Cosmic man sm

These who understand man consider that all the people in the world represent one man. This man they call cosmic man -­ enormous man. Anything existing in the world -­ suns, planets, people, plants, animals, all that they put in the hands, in the feet, in the head, in the lungs, in the heart, in the stomach of that cosmic man. This means, that cosmic man represents the entire world. They say that how this man moves, so the world shows itself. From modern science point of view this is an uncomprehend thesis.

When God has created man, He has made an ideal image that people have gradually deviated from. The present people are almost kids. They should at first go back to their initial image. If you see a man whose mouth is very protruding, this shows that his animal home is strongly developed. The perpendicular of his face remains behind his mouth. If his forehead is lying back, it shows that there is something lacking in his mind. If his chin sunk in, it shows that his will is not strong. If the forehead, nose and chin are well developed, the person passes for clever.

For whom is created the world? At the first place for God, at the second place ­ for the angels and at the third place ­ for us, the humans. There from are retrieved three important to us conclusions, namely: the whole is created for the head, the head ­ for the lungs and the stomach. The head is God, the lungs are the angels; we are the stomach. Plants, animals, clouds ­ everything is for us. We are the heroes, people are the heroes. For them are all the animals in the world, the plants, the waters, the clouds and the Sun, and the stars, everything God has created for us. We are the heroes on the Earth. The Sun rises for us.


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"Cosmic Man" by Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov)


Earth Man

If in a certain home boys prevail, pride will appear. The same is noticed in nature as well. The same is noticed in the creation of the world as well. God has at first created a male child, Adam. The second child that God has created has been Eva ­ the female child. Adam has been the first son of God and then He has created Eva. So Adam has been created by God and Eva as well has been created by God. God has created Adam of red dust, but He has taken this dust from the animals. They have created; they have made the red dust. God has created Adam of the finest dust that the animals have made and the God has created Eva of the finest matter of Adam. He has taken out of him two ribs and has created Eva. Now man has 12 ribs, and of the 13th God has made ­ Eva.

According to the Scripture the misfortunes of man are due to the fact that she has been created by a single rib. No, the ribs that God has created the woman of have been double. Then Adam has had in total 13 ribs, six ribs on the one side, but seven on the other side. There has been a dissension in him. To free Adam of this dissension God has taken out the seventh rib on the one side and thus God has taken out the dissension out of Adam so that he can easily manage with it.  Therefore the number 13 is the prevailing influence of the masculine principle. That this is so is seen from the fact that Eva has been seduced by the second principle. When in the paradise has entered a young man, a cavalier like Adam, Eva has fallen in love with him. There is the sin. The sin has been born with the prevailing influence of the masculine principle. This is seen from the fact that after Adam and Eva have got married they have had to go out of paradise and have given birth to two masculine children. They have not had sons and daughters, but have given birth to two buys only and with it have given advantage to the masculine principle and in this way have distorted things and impeded the human. This is due to a grandiose idea of the first man to be like God. This means that the first people have had no trust to what God has given to them, but they have wanted to be like Him. They have become on the outside like God, but since they have gone out of the paradise they have created the present world. So todays’ world has been made by the first people.

Each man on the Earth is only a piece of work of a sculptor, but the real man you have not seen yet to know him. You say: we have seen him. What you have seen is still not the man. You say that in the Bible it is written that God has created man in His image and similarity. What God has created he has not created it on the Earth, but somewhere up there. Man is a Stranger from somewhere. These, the made people, you have made them. And now you want on these, made by you only people, to put a Divine inscription and to tell that God has created them. No, man by man has been created. You will say that man has soul. This is another question. Do not talk to me about soul! The soul cannot live on the Earth, it has not come to the Earth; it has not been born on the Earth. Soul is from completely different world.  It belongs to another world. 

All of you, who have gone out of paradise, are made by the method of Adam. Now you want happiness from a fruit that is pure human. This fruit is Adam’s fruit. There could be no happiness in it; there could be no perfection in it; there could be no bliss! This is a school that we have to go out of at first. Now from the woman should be taken out a rib and should be put at its place. In addition there should be put one more, so that instead of 12 the ribs to become 14. You look at this question from your point of view, but I give you an explanation. Now I am telling you, that you should go out of this order of things, but I am not telling you that you should leave life. You should come to the same state, where I have come. The young does not understand the situation of the old, but he has to come to the same situation to understand it. The ignorant does not understand the position of the learned, but he has to come to the same position to understand it. If the strong does not comply with the laws, he would descend to the position of the weak. If the learned does not obey to the laws he as well would descend to the position of the ignorant. So for man there is ascend, but there is descend as well. Someone says: “I do not want to go ahead”. If you do not want to go ahead you will go back. “Something bad is awaiting me.” At the back something sinister is awaiting you. Ahead something bad is awaiting you, but if you go back something sinister is awaiting you. There are difficulties ahead, but it is preferable to go ahead with the difficulties rather than going back with the difficulties. Todays’ order has been implied to you not by your will.

Eva has been a child of Adam when he has been giving lessons to her in the paradise. In the paradise she has been living like a king’s daughter, she has been going for walks in the garden. But after the lapse of virtue, after the going out of paradise, Adam has become yellow. Initially he has not been such as the scientists consider him. In fact, the scientists say one thing about Adam, the religious ­ another. Out of Adam has originated the black race, out of him has originated the yellow race, after that the red race and finally the white race. In the future out of Adam will originate and the sixth lightening race. And then Adam will come back to his initial situation, when he has been the first man. He will appear in his knowledge.

Initially when man has been created in the so-called “golden age” of mankind, is said, that God has created him in image and similarity. This means that in this golden age of mankind God has created the first Adam, who has descended to the Earth.

The second Adam, who has descended to the Earth, to the physical world, is made of the materials of this world and in him God has breathed the breath of life. He represents the masculine principle.

Man has passed through three forms: the first has been created in image and similarity to God, the second has been made of dust, and the third ­ Eva, out of the rib of Adam. When they have sinned, God has expelled them from the paradise; because they have fallen at bad conditions, they have been dressed in leather clothes. Today’s man dressed in the leather of a beast says that he has been created in image and similarity to God. This is a deception. In order to come to the initial man, today’s man should transform twice.

It is said that all the people have been created by God, God has made them. What do they differ from each other? Are all the people created by God only? Today’s people, have they all been created by God? Initially the people have been created by God, but today’s people have been created by the people. In the Scripture it is said: “I will send my Spirit”. Yet God should send His Spirit to these people that the people have created, to make them Divine. They should still become Divine. You will enter into contradiction with what you have known up to now. You have known until now that you are Divine. If you are Divine you should act as God acts. This is an inner process. In order to know if I act well I should go to the spiritual world and I should see how God acts. 

We say: “How great God has created the world! What glory has God put in man! ” Where is the glory of the human face? I see only a darkened face, whitened mouth, cloudy eyes. Where is the glory of man? It is only at that moment when you are in a tribulation, but you do not hesitate ­ despite of all the difficulties inside you happens something indubitable. This is the real man. Not all the flowers that have blossomed and not all the fruits that have produced fruit, but the fruit that ripens and remains, it is the important. There could be thousands of fruits, but only a few remain. They are the most important.

You say: “Man is Divine”. Have you seen this man? If they think like you, even the animals could think that the Divine is in them. Do not be deceived - today’s man could not be compared to the Divine. There is no weaker creature on the earth than man. And in the Scripture it is said that that all the power of man stays somewhere in the nose. There is a place on the spinal column somewhere around the neck, where, if you pin the man with a needle he will die immediately. And the greatest hero, if you pin him at that place, he will die immediately. Do not think that man is a big hero. As the human body is constructed, staying on two legs, it is not very stable. The smallest waste of balance and he could fall down on the earth. How many times a day man can climb and fall down on the earth? In order not to fall down, man should think. While he thinks, man cannot fall down. As soon as he stops thinking, he immediately falls down on the earth. Man falls here and there until finally comes to certain stability.

The future shape of man will not be like his today’s shape, he will be a sphere. When you enter in the spiritual world you will not see the people in the shape they have today. They will be spheres, big and small, out of which light will be going. Each sphere will move like the Earth. These spheres will light like big electric balls. When an angels descends to the Earth he as well is projected in the same shape like man, but in the sky he is a sphere. Like a sphere, no matter where he turns to, he cannot fall. But as a man his shape is not balanced. A sphere cannot fall down and break. It only rotates, touches the earth and then lifts up. It is in complete safety. You can never take possession of a sphere; you can never be a master of the sphere. And human mind is sphere shaped. What cannot be conquered is human mind. The feelings of man are not sphere shaped, they are flat and his body is long. Only the head is somewhat sphere shaped similar to the mind. Because the feelings are flat we have breasts. What are the feelings of man such are his breasts.

All the things that have gone out of the Earth go in the Earth and these, going to the Sun have descended from the Sun. Sometimes they ask me: “What will happen with us?” I say: some will go back in the Earth, others will go to the Sun. Who has come from the Earth will go to the Earth, who has come from the Sun will go to the Sun; who has come from the other world will go to the other world, who is from this world will remain here. This is a whole science. There are people from this world, there are people from the other world.

When God has created the devil, he has gone out of the Heaven and has created a world. According to a bogomil legend it is said that today’s man has been made by the devil. No! But God has created a man and the devil has created another man. And according to this legend there are two types of men in the world. God has created one type of men and the devil, he has made another man like the one that God has made, who has been moving like the Divined people, who had everything, but soul. So the devil has gone to, has asked God to give some soul to his people. So, there has been a sort of collaboration. And God has given soul. And then he has said so: what these people earn, half of it will be for the devil and half of it will be for God. There are people, created by God ­ the devil has nothing there and there are people, half made by God and half by the devil.

When God has created him of dust, man has been in a state of undeveloped consciousness and when God has breathed in his nostrils the breath of life, man has become a living soul, which means that he has shown his mind, rationality and intelligence, with which he could recognise the various states and changes in manifestations of the human spirit. This means that man has become alive, when he has acquired rationality, and with it he has immediately started to differ to the animals in mind, in consciousness and by action of his will. Then he has started his new culture ­ gardening, by growing fruit plants; that is exactly what man has learned in paradise. After he has gone out of the paradise he has learned farming, wood cutting, stone breaking and building houses. In this state he has come to the last limit, he has tried all the situations in life, he has walked over a small lake ­ in this small world on the Earth, in which he has lived ­ he has walked over all the places, he has eaten and he has drunk everything in this lake, and when there has been nothing else to feed with, he has been exposed to the modern hunger, which is identified with the appearance of the disease neurasthenia: it is nothing else, but spiritual hunger. In the various states of this disease man lacks all these elements, in which proper life can show. This is the change that has happened to man as species.

Modern people have surface concepts about father and mother, about brother and sister, about master and servant, about state and law. The notions of most people are like these of the primitive man or of the fallen people. Today’s race has mostly been created of fallen people. When you read the sacred books you will understand how this race has been created.  Initially, at the creation of the world, has existed race, called “race of the Sons of God”. Simultaneously with it the animal race has existed. Subsequently both races have mixed and the present race has been created ­ of the fallen mankind.

Now they say that man has not come from the animals. At first man has gone out of the invisible world and the animals have gone out of him. When man has descended to the Earth, the animals have gone out of him; then man has gone out of the animals. Man has created the lower creatures, after that he has passed through the lower creatures. He has come out of the lower. From the small the big appeared.

A story says that under the earth, at a distance of about 2 thousand kilometres away, live people with culture, similar to ours. 

Man has been created in number 6. According to the Jewish calculation man has been created on the sixth day ­ Friday, and according to Christianity ­ the sixth day is Saturday. Unhappy is the sixth day. And to this man, created on the sixth day, has been said that he would be a master ­ of how many things? According to the Bible could you cite of how many things he will become master? (“Of fish, of animals and of birds.”) Man has been created on the sixth day to become master of his desires. This Adam has been created, Adam of desires. No, the mental principle is not the man that thinks. Adam should have been recreated. In the Bible there are two sources from where they have drawn. Adam has been twice created ­ once in image and similarity ­ masculine and feminine principle. A second Adam has been created of dust and then to this Adam breath has been breathed ­ desire has been given in it.

Moses says that the Earth has been created on the fourth day. This means that on the fourth day has appeared desire in the Earth to move. The Earth has believed in God earlier than man.  Why? It is because man has been created on the sixth day. Only then the consciousness in man has awakened that he should move to a great centre ­ God and around this centre. This means that man has been created on the sixth day. The second situation is ­ he realises, that he should turn around himself, to rotate around his axis. Thus he acquires yet another consciousness. The first movement of man is the movement around the great centre of life, the second movement is the movement around his axis, around himself ­ this is a relational movement. When moving around its axis, the Earth exposes all its parts to the Sun, to be heated in the same way, to acquire in the same way the solar energy. Many people now do not understand this deep faith and think that with their beliefs they would go farther. They do not understand how to believe and in what to believe. A simple faith does not bring anything. There is a faith that does not break the sun beams, it manifests as a powerful force that at the same time flexes man so that makes him move in all directions to be heated by the Sun on all sides and thus gives the opportunity to all the living creatures to develop.

You have not asked yourself the question what man is when he leaves that hut he is living in now. Out of his body what image has man, what does he represent? You see a child. You say: “A child.” But he is an old man hidden in the child. It could be that in some of his existence he has been with a long beard, a rabbi or a patriarch, or might be a king, prince or pauper. He, the man, he is neither male, nor female; he is neither master, nor prince, these are services. When an actor plays on the scene a king’s role, he does not at all manifest that he is a king, when playing the role of a philosopher, he is not at all a philosopher; he does not understand much in philosophy. When playing the role of a prominent judge, jurist resolving the problems in the right way, he is not at all jurist. Or when playing the role of a father and of a mother, he could play many roles.

Man is a creature without any measurement. He does not take any place inside the body. He lives in the body, but has no measurement. He says: “Tell me, what man is”. No, he is not a spacious thing, he does not take space. He has no measures, but he is moving. And is moving in a straight line, and on a surface, and moves perpendicularly, and in the fourth measurement, he is moving everywhere, but is a creature out of measurement. Someone will sayНя¬кой ще ка¬же: “How this could be?” For me it is a simple thing. This is how I explain it: if a potter, who is supposed to make a pot, is a pot himself? If a painter, who can draw a picture, should be paper and paints? This painter is out of the paints, he is out of the paper; he draws whatever he wishes to. Therefore man is out of all measurements. He is a painter, drawing in the measurements. But he himself is out of the measurements. Who does not understand, he says: “How could he be out of measurements?” Like the painter could be out of the picture ­ he puts on it only his idea. It, the idea, could not be put in the picture. It is only supposition.

From the point of view of the other world the human bodies are like houses. The inhabitants of the other world, when looking from there, for them the human bodies are immovable.  For them the human body has various rooms ­ it is with bathrooms, with guest rooms. And when the inhabitants of the other world come here and they visit your house, they tell you: “Your houses are well furnished, there are rugs covering, there are cars, there are even airplanes inside”. These are the human thoughts and feelings. They are the airplanes. You on the Earth think that this body is alive. But for them it is as alive as the cars are alive. When you sit in a car, is it alive for you? It is moving, it is singing, creeping, making noise that you will hear it from half a kilometre.  But is he singing? It is the one who is driving inside. Your car makes noise but it does not realise that it makes noise. When you enter the other world you will find such similarity between your body and your cars. And the essence will enter inside you. And you will realise what your heart and your mind are. 

We are talking about the mind, the heart, the will, the soul and the spirit of man, but where actually the man is? You will say that man is inside his body. If man is inside his body, his body should always be briskly, it should never fail, but we see that it fails. If man is inside his eyes, they should never close, but we see that they close. If man is inside his ears, they should never become deaf, but we see that sometimes they become deaf.  If man lives in his brain, the brain should never stop the process of thinking, but we see cases when the brain of man is paralysed and he is unable to think. This means that in the human body there is no defined place, where we can point out that here or there man lives. But man manifests through his body. Each place, where man manifests, we call “the essence of rational life”. Who knows this place he has acquired the law of immortality. The strength of man is in his inner unity, in his inside oneness that he has reached. This place is unreachable. Anyone who has acquired inner unity inside him distinguishes with deep inner peace, with great balance. No inside changes are in position to shatter the peace and the balance of this man. 

Today everyone is susceptible to external changes: you meat a cheerful man, well disposed, but in a few hours his disposal disappears; you meet another man ­ healthy, brisk, and in a couple of hours you see him careworn, ill. With these changes in the human condition can not be unity in thought, nor feeling, nor in his actions. Until he is healthy, he thinks about one thing, when he gets ill ­ he thinks about something else. When he loves, he thinks to make one thing, when he hates, he thinks to make another thing. Where is man?

Where there is love and hatred, there the real, rational life does not manifest. There is activity there, there is manifestation of human life, but the sense of life is not in the contrasts.  You say: “I love this man”. What exactly do you love in him? “The mind.” Where is the mind of man? It is the same as they ask you which is the most valuable in the Bible. One will point out certain places in the Bible; another will point out other places, etc.  But the important is to say which place in it represents the uniting, the unity. The uniting, the unity is outside the Bible, it is not inside it.

People are unfinished pictures, so do not give your opinion about them. Do not give your opinion about people, because they are unfinished work of God. There is a project they to become in image and similarity, but these people have not yet become in image and similarity. We, the people, we are not finished pictures yet. We are not finished pictures of God. You look at a sculptor, who has just made the first features. Or an artist drawing, who has put some lines, but has still a lot to do, to put shadows on the face, then to give image to the eyes, to situate the brows above the nose, to put the mouth, to give an expression.

I say: do not give opinion about a picture, which is still not finished. Do not give your opinion about you as well. Stick to the idea that one day That, Who is working on you, will bring one of the most excellent pictures, you have ever seen. When we go to Heaven this will be the happiness. With each going to Heaven we will look at us and see that we have not yet been finished, that we should go back to the Earth. One day, when the picture will be finished, we will not return to the Earth; when the picture will be finished we will go up. Until then, until the picture is finished, we should descend to acquire image. When it is finished we will remain in the other world to live and to be glad with the picture we have been made after.

The savants say that the world has been created in a whirlpool; the people have been born in the whirlpool, because man has not yet been created. The outer man is not yet formed. They say: God has created man in His image and similarity. Not the inner man, the outer man is still turning it.  If you wish, I can present this to you as if God is a potter, who has the device to turning the pot and he is forming it.  Put your hand, turn the wheel. God is still keeping man on the fire, He is still baking him. Who does not understand, says: “God is baking me”. You should be happy that God is baking you, because if He is not baking you, nothing will happen. The baked bread is the one that has value, not the beaten. Man now is only beaten.

Now, if Adam has not sinned, would Christ do this good? That, what Adam could not do, Christ did it. God has left Adam living alone like a monk in the paradise. He has said: “I do not see any sense. Everybody here has a girlfriend, but me. What sense life has?” Why does he need a girlfriend? He has needed her to deal with God. He says: “It is high work. He wanted to have a girlfriend.”

I do not think so. In my mind this idea is not the idea that you deal with. According to me people that love each other they never touch each other. The Sun, until it is 92 miles away from the Earth, the Earth is well. But if the Earth wants to come and embrace it, caress that Sun, nothing will remain of the Earth, it will melt. And from all the people nothing will remain. At present conditions the Sun should be away. Let them write letters as they wish, and the Earth write poetry as it wishes. 

Now I do not say that this is bad. But I say that in the world is allowed one misunderstanding. Man has imported something wrong in the Divine world and wants to make all the mankind change its point of view. From the long experience of the mankind we see that people want to correct this mistake. But when Christ has come, He has said so: “Unless you are born anew of the Spirit and water you cannot enter in the Kingdom of God”. Or said in other words: if you are not born anew of the Spirit and water you cannot enter in paradise. Initially God has created man and now this happens not by creation, but by birth. Therefore it is said: “Born of the Spirit is a spirit, born of flesh is flesh”. I do not say that flesh is a wrong state, but it is a lower realisation, a lower state of life.

 It is one lower understanding of God’s laws. Until being only in his flesh man cannot understand the paths of God. Until being in his flesh for him this is the most terrible, the most heavy state, therefore he should become spiritual, he should understand like the spiritual people understand.  Therefore people should become spiritual at least in old age. And they say: “Until we are young let us live, when we become older we could become spiritual”. This is the wrong understanding of the people. Such life is not spiritual, it is life of slavery. What spiritual life could live an old man? He is in an unnatural state that is not passable for him.


When I observe the modern world I see that the world has never been as suitable for observation as it is now. Having in mind the past of the Earth, the past of the solar system, it is seen that there has never been more suitable moment for observation than now. The present people make great mistakes that they do not observe. They watch the small things. Small things should not be watched, but the activities of nature. That what nature has created is valuable.

In our century people have reached the situation to learn. In the past centuries even before us, the people have not had these conditions, because from the invisible world have been coming large armies with their weapons to conquer the Earth.

The evolution shows the way that the human soul has passed through. Initially it has had a microscopic form in which it has been living. It has had a very small hut that the soul has been pleased with, from it has watched the world and it has been happy; later it has had literature, it has had arts, it has drawn pictures. In nature these pictures exist. Now people think that these microscopic bodies have no culture, but they are deceived. From our point of view it is so, but each culture, from the lowest forms to the highest have and there are whole museums in nature.

These creatures that have turned to precious stones and remained below, hidden under the earth, that became rich. They said: “We have to go out to the surface of the Earth”. And in fact, after time, they had gone out to the surface of the Earth, but they had turned to plants. To hide from the misfortunes in the world they have hidden their heads in the earth, and they have left their legs outside, up in the air. Plants are very rational creatures. In this situation they said: “What kick the fate has given us, we will return the same kick to it”. Therefore they have left their legs out to kick the fate. But they have realised that this work with kicking would not go. After time the plants have turned to fish, they have hidden into the water, but they have seen that in this way as well they cannot run away from fate. And in the water their life has become so impassable that they have looked for a way to get rid of the heavy conditions of their life. Therefore they have transformed to birds and have started flying in the air. After time they have seen that the work does not go in the air as well. Then they have descended to the earth and they have transformed to mammals, until finally they have transformed to people in the state we see them today. 

The plants have been irrational creatures that when they have descended from above they have known everything, but when they have descended to the Earth they have seen that they are the most stupid. Man has descended the last, but has become the most rational. Man has been a fool from the point of view of the plants, he has been lacking mind. But when the plants have descended, they have seen that man is wiser than them.

Life in the minerals is not organised. In the minerals there is a state when matter compresses, prepares. In the plants there is movement, expansion. In this matter there is growth as well.  While in the animals there is already organisation, but in man we can have thought. These are the stages of the human development. This means that there is a great law: if the forces, flowing in the minerals, in the plants, in the animal kingdom do not move correctly, and if the forces implied in man do not move correctly, he cannot have such understanding of life.

When observing nature, we see that it has made millions of experiments, but it has not yet finished its work. It has not reached the finished form; it has not yet completed its tries. You say that man is the last word of nature. But it seems that it is not so. Which man is the last word ­ this one, the present man? Present man does not look at all like the first man. Scientists have discovered sculls from the most distant past that show an apelike state of man. Monkeys have come after man has sinned.

When God has created man, He has made an ideal image that people have gradually deviated from. The present people are almost kids. They should at first go back to their initial image. If you see a man whose mouth is very protruding, this shows that his animal home is strongly developed. The perpendicular of his face remains behind his mouth. If his forehead is lying back, it shows that there is something lacking in his mind. If his chin sunk in, it shows that his will is not strong. If the forehead, nose and chin are well developed, the person passes for clever.

Nature has made thousands of tries for man. It has created the animals to see what body to create for man. When it has created all the bodies of the animals it has seen that all these bodies of the animals are not corresponding to man. From all the models it has created a special model, the present. One day a model of immortality should be created. You should pass through all the forms.

The nine months, do you know how many years are they? I tell you that in this position, bended like that, man has stayed for 250 milliard years. Now this is a statement. We can now prove it. All the proofs will prove nothing to you. It has been necessary man to be silent.

Those, who have created man, have adapted many forms, until finally they have reached this form that we have today. On this base the human embryo passes during the 9 months of its development through 400­500 thousand forms. Through some of these forms it passes for half a second or a second and continues up. The soul, coming to incarnate to the Earth, passes from one form to another, stops for a while and permanently ascends, saying: “This is for me!” And man has not yet stopped; now he is on the middle of the road. Above him there are still a lot of heights that he has to climb at first. The world that he has reached is introduction to what will come.

Man has passed through 400 thousand forms, until ha has come to its present development. Since his initial form have passed milliards years and this milliard life has now been shortened to 9 months, it could be even shortened to much less time ­ only to 1 minute. The whole his development would be with intensity equal to 1 minute.

The Divine life passes as well through these 400 thousand forms. Through all these forms passes the human embryo. Therefore the human embryo is the last form. 

Now we have come to the situation that nature has given us 400 thousand forms on which man can act. These are all ways in which man can act. For example, there are ways in which the plants act, there are ways in which fish act; there are ways in which the birds act; there are ways in which the mammals act. And finally there are ways in which various races act. Then there are ways in which the light, the water, the air and the solid soil act. 

Our mistakes, the mistakes that we make, are not due to us alone. There are 400 thousand forms, through which man passes; they are more, but there are 400 thousand not separated states through which man has passed and has become man.  These 400 thousand forms contain all the present animals existing now and with all their contradictions. And with each form man has inherited features of the form he has lived in.

We have certain ideas that are not ours. We have gathered a lot of archaic ideas. According to the theory of Darwin we have passed through 400 thousand forms of the animal kingdom. All these animal forms have left in us their qualities, their habits. Often in man a desire to swallow someone is born. This is the desire that fish have. This is an atavism from the time when we have passed through fish life. Sometimes in man appears desire to hang someone. This is the desire of the spider, to catch a fly and to hang it on its web. Sometimes in man appears the desire to catch someone, to cover him and to break his bones. This is the desire of the lion, the tiger and the leopard.

Man has not passed only through the human form. Man has lived in the form of a creature with two horns on the head and a tail. In general, man has passed through various forms. He has passed through a lot of dwellings. You will say ­ has man really passed through the form of the animals? No, he has lived in the houses of the various animals. These houses he has built himself. He has lived in small microscopic houses and after he has become rich, he has been telling to his servants: “I leave this house for you, and I am going to a bigger house”. And then, smaller than him creatures enter in his hut. When he has passed through the entire animal kingdom, man has left inhabitants to the smaller houses, because he has built a bigger and better house. And in this house he does not think to stay for a long time. When he has become rich, he does not know now, of marble to build a house or of another material.

You have lived in the form of a wolf and you have inherited the good and the bad features of the wolf; you have lived in the form of a frog, of a tiger, of a spider and you have inherited the art of the spider to spin thin threads and with its industry you have learned to catch the flies and to suck their blood. I ask: after you have passed through these 400 thousand forms, one day in your life prevails a feature of the wolf and you wonder how it has come. The wolf says: “I will suck the blood!” I say: this man remembers the form, when he has been a bear ­ then he has been sucking the blood of an ox. The bear, when it catches an ox, makes an abscess and sucks the blood. This ox for 4­5 days cannot come to itself.

You want to understand what man is. In man all these things of the Being are making sense. In man live the gods as well. You, when browsing the Greek mythology, see, that all the gods, greatness, angels, archangels have distended, have taken human form and have come to try the sweetness that man tries. All of them have manifested in a human form. Behind the human form we do not know what other form exists.  You will say: angel’s form. The angel’s form is more perfect than the human form. You will say: the Divine form. The Divine form is the most perfect, the most rational human form. If a painter would draw something Divine, something angels’, he would always draw something human. Therefore man is a form in which you can reach the yearnings that the human soul has. The form, in which man can reach something, is only the human form. In the animal form you cannot reach anything, because this animal form is included in the human form. The plant form is included in the human form; all the other forms existing in the world are included in the human form. What does this mean? Man is the last word of nature. This means that man is the last word in nature in the sense of the last completed work of nature. In the totality of this creative activity is not only man, inhabiting the Earth, but as well man, inhabiting the entire universe. He is not only here on the Earth. There are people there. But if you say today, that there are people in the other worlds, they can tell you a heretic.

In order to come to this state for how many thousands of years have you been working? This form that man has now, in order to acquire it, the occult science says that have passed 18 million of years. In the future some 18 millions of years more will pass and this form will be completely changed. It is common for all the rational creatures that are working. It is a collective work.

Each man has passed through the forms of the microbes, the plants, the animals, until finally he has come to the human form. Therefore all these forms are inside him. It is enough for him to concentrate in order to follow inside him the development of all the living forms in nature, starting from the smallest and finishing with the greatest. In this aspect it is not necessary for man to study these forms outside. 

Fish did not know how to live and therefore their life in the sea became unbearable, part of them, the more advanced, flied out of the water and became birds. Great sufferings made them make feathers and become birds. The birds, because of the great chasing and sufferings and persecutions in the air, were forced to become horses, to run and thus to save themselves from their enemies. And the horses, after kicking and suffering, finally became people. The scientists say that everything happens in an evolutionary way. The evolution goes in a violent way. In order to evolve, man has to use great violence. Violence is a creative act in nature. Nature creates in this way. The Earth once has not been in the state it is today. Millions of years ago the people have not been as they are today.

Presume that once man has lived like fish in the water. The same man now lives the air. Man will live in the ether as well. What would life be then? This means that when man has left the water, the water has been environment, has been limitation to him. The water has become condition for the human progress ­ then the air has become human environment. When the ether becomes environment for man and the air ­ condition, the life of man will become much better. When passes from one environment to another man develops, progresses. When he enters in a thinner environment the conditions of his life improve. When we are in a heavily state, this shows that the environment we are living in is not in harmony and we have to get out of this environment.

Now I will ask you: why the animals go in parallel to the earth, why the head of the plants is in the earth and the people go with their heads in the air? Why the head that is so heavy stays up? If you look at the head of man with the eye of a clairvoyant, you will see, that in the spiritual world it is in permanent movement, it rotates as the pendulum rotates in a circle. Until the head turns, man lives. As soon as it stops, he falls on the earth.  Therefore in the spiritual world man is an eternally rotating circle. On the movement of this circle depends his proper life; if the circle stops moving, the life of man stops. This means that man is nothing else, but a turning circle.

A plan exists in nature that all the other plans coordinate with.

А ————————— В. Let us take a line; it can represent a plain of the invisible world. On the plain how many perpendicular lines can we draw? This is concerning the physical world. What is the relation between man and the centre where life comes from? Is this a perpendicular? What is the line of movement of the forces functioning in man? I see that man thanks to the solar energy coming from the Sun has risen. Then we can say that between the centre of the Earth and the centre of the Sun there is certain relation. The heaviness that has earlier been at the back of the brain has moved to the front part of the brain. The brain has become at front in the area of the forehead heavier than in the back part.

Philosophically we can discuss what the reasons have been that have made man stand on his legs. According to the theory of Darwin, which have been the conditions under which man has raised and stood? There are some practical considerations. Man has found it more practical to rise up, to stand on both his legs, rather than walking on four legs. There are two strong currents in nature: one is from the east to the west, the other current is from the north to the south. At the present conditions the north current has become stronger. And therefore man has been forced to stand on his legs. Thus he has gone out of the area of the animals.

The animals walk horizontally; the earth axis has been parallel with the orbit of the Earth. And when the plants have been created the North Pole has not been there, where it is now. It has been just at the opposite side. And when man has been created, the axis has changed. Therefore we have changed as well. When the axis of the Earth has not been like todays’, the plants have been created. When the axis has been horizontal, the animals have been created; when the axis has been perpendicular to its orbit, man has been created.

Man differs to the other creatures by his ability to think. He differs to the animals in something else as well: he has the ability to accept the Divine energies, the energies of the rational nature and use them correctly. The plants take the necessary for their life energies from the earth, this means from down; the animals get them from the surface of the Earth and man stands on his legs; he is in position perpendicular to the Earth. When we imagine the earth axis as a perpendicular, man is at a distance from the plants and from the animals equal to an angle from 90 to 180 degrees. You do not know what this distance is. For those, who understand the size of the earth degree, 90 degrees represent an enormous size.

What does man differ in? He differs in walking straight. Plants are with their heads down, the animals walk horizontally and man walks perpendicularly. Plants are materialists. The animals live for themselves.

The Animal, the human and the Divine in people are so inwrought that form the entire man.

Human race has been going in direction different to that of the animals. Creation has been going in two aspects: all these creatures that the Providence has defined that would stay in their evolution are said to be abandoned by God. But the others, moving forward in their development, for them is said that God has taken care of them. Each thing, abandoned by God, is subject of stay, is deprived of development. But the others, created and cared by God, are subject to development. For the first is said, that God has said to be, to be given conditions to live, and for man is said, that God has taken part in his creation and has made him with these same abilities, put in Him. And because man has been the last to come to the Earth in his being, God has wanted to make man young, to love life, to be useful to the animals; therefore God has taken from the essence of the animals and has put it in the human essence. For this reason man even today bears like necessity inside him the animal and the human essence. At the same time he fights in two directions, with two difficulties ­ with a strive to go up, to God, to fulfill God’s will; on the other side he fights with opposing forces of the whole animal kingdom and thinks only about the Earth. One day, when he starts thinking like the animals only, he will become similar to them and another creature will come to replace him.

Which is the essential reason for which man has got up at two legs? The centre of heaviness in the animals is at the back side of the head and as a result of this the animals go on four legs and their spinal column is in parallel with the diameter of the Earth. But in man the centre of heaviness is in the front part of the head and as a result of this he walks straight, on two legs. The straightening of man is in connection with the perpendicular movement of those forces, coming from the centre of the Earth to the centre of the Sun. As soon as man has entered in harmony with these forces he has straightened on two legs. But the animals that could not come in harmony with these forces of nature even today have remained in the state we find them ­ walking on four legs.

Man has walked a path of 180 degrees, to straighten on his two legs. To walk a path of one degree only 25 thousand years are required. Multiply180 degrees by 25 thousand years to see how many years this makes. These are mathematical calculations only. Human face has once been at the back, but now it has come at front. These are entertainments. Even in science there are such entertainments. These are scientific data. These data are useful, thus man learns to think. This is a complicated question. When I say that human face has moved from the back in front, you cannot imagine this.

It has been time when the face of man has been at the back. And now the progress of man is in his face, being at front. They say ­ double-faced man. Why? It is because he has been with two faces. The first face has been at the back, when he has been an animal. Then he has turned to 180 degrees and now it is in front. This means that the two faces have been in parallel. The first face has been agglutinated to the spinal column, but now it is in parallel with the spinal column. Man is as good as his face is in parallel with his spinal column. Each deviation of the face from the spinal column is bad.

Now man has a position perpendicular to the surface he has walked on. The immorality of people many times comes from the spinal column. Straighten the spinal column of man and his deeds would be proper. As soon as his spinal column starts bending his deeds and thoughts become distorted as well. The shoulders of man should be horizontal. His neck and throat should be perpendicular to his shoulders. If one of the shoulders, no matter whether left or right, is higher and the neck is not perpendicular to the shoulders, there is something limping. Then the nose should be perpendicular to the forehead. It is not perpendicular now. In the future this will happen with some changes that have not yet happened. Man is not perfect. Sometimes there is certain correctness in the body, in its construction, but the face is still not correct. There are only a few people, having correct forehead.

Growing and development are two necessary processes in the evolution of life. When the sublime creatures have been creating the world, they have started with the lower creatures and gradually have gone to the high creatures. They have used the matter of all living creatures to create the high creatures. For example, they have used part of the matter of fish to create the birds.  Exactly these fish have transformed to birds. Then they used part of the matter of the birds to create the mammals. Part of their matter has been used for creation of man. The work of the sublime creatures continues after the creation of man. They use part of the human matter to create higher life than the human life.  Who understands this law knows that he has not come to the Earth for pleasure, but to work, to process his matter that one day he will give to serve the higher creatures.  The conscious, the working man only can pass to a higher phase of development. Thus has been with all the animals under man. Only these fish being ready to work in favour of all the living creatures have left the water. The same could be said for the birds as well and for the mammals also.

Therefore all the living creatures that only work for themselves, for their good, even today are in the same state as they have initially been. People, working for them only, will remain in the state that they are today. If they work consciously for God, they will pass to the world of savants that deal with light.

Man has been a horse. To the horse man differs in his evolution. The human evolution goes to the east and that of the horse ­ to the west. Now I will give you the arguments why. Notice, the back legs have been put in front, they are the human arms. The arms of man contract like the back legs of the horse. How the front legs of the horse contract, so contract the human legs. This means that the head of man has come to the tail of the horse.

In the animals the thought is connected to their tails at the back. The animal should move its tail, to excite the back of the brain.

If we look at the head of the animals and how their rising has been going, we will see that in some of the animals it has been agglutinated with the backbone, it has gradually raised, then in the frogs it has reached 45 degrees, then in the elephant it has raised to 90 degrees, and the raise of the human face has become at 180 degrees. The face of man has come to being in parallel with the spinal column, while in the snake the face is agglutinated with the spinal column and there is no angle at all. Then in the other animals has developed that face, but in man the face has come to being in parallel with the spinal column. 180 degrees man has passed from back to forth. What in the animals is in front, in man has become at the back. The descending of the animals, we call this process involution. The ascent of man we call evolution. Man has become man in compliance with the law of evolution. 

Let in you remain the particular thought that the only real thing in the world that we know is us. Outside us we do not know anything else. Sometimes you talk about an angel, but after all you will give him human image. If we were living in the times of the Egyptians, you would have given to this angel the image of an Apis, or bull, or ox, or lion, or eagle, etc.  Some give the following images to the cherubs: one has been looking like a man, the other ­ like a lion, the third ­ like an eagle, and the fourth ­ like a bull. And this is despite of the fact that the cherubs have wings. This is all that we know. It represents all the stages that we have passed through.

The sense of the evolution is that the Divine Spirit works in all the natural kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal and human. The sense of the evolution is to create higher and higher forms through which the Divine Spirit and the great talents of the Monad to appear in a perfect way. The Divine Spirit in the mineral appears in less degree, in the plant and animal form ­ in higher degree, and in the human form ­ in even greater degree, while in the angels’ form ­ even better, etc. In this exactly is the sense of the evolution. The evolution is the main law of the Being. Only the factors of the evolution are different, not like the mechanical biology thinks.  There are the so called psychological factors of the evolution. The outer conditions influence, but the way in which the body reacts to the outer conditions is psychological.  The subconsciousness works in the tissues. One side it is guided by the monad of the body itself, on the other side ­ by the advanced creatures.

The only creature, whose evolution has not yet been stopped, is man. All the other living creatures, the animals, are stopped in their evolution, in their growth, they have remained back.

Minerals, plants and animals are going down, but we are going up. They have learned knowledge on the way of involution. What does this mean that they are going on the way of? The Self, the Divine Monada, working on the minerals, plants and animals is still in the invisible world and gradually descends down. In the mineral kingdom, The Self, the Divine Monada is still far away from the physical world, and therefore there it has the weakest level of consciousness, the so called subconsciousness.  In the plant kingdom The Self, the Divine Monada has already descended down closer to the material world and therefore the plants have higher level of subconsciousness. In the animal kingdom The Self, the Divine Monada is closer to the material world and therefore the animals have already consciousness. In man The Self, the Divine Monada is manifested in the physical world and therefore he realizes like the Self ­ there is selfconsciousness. Of all four natural kingdoms only man for the first time has selfconsciousness. All the plants, as well as all the animals are going down, but we are going up. They go on the way of involution, but we ­ on the way of evolution. They have learned their knowledge on the way of involution. Their Self, their Divine Monada is still in the invisible world and gradually descends down. This will long for millions of years. But the human Self has already descended on the Earth. Therefore man has selfconsciousness and in the other natural kingdoms they do not have. They have lower level of consciousness.

When we come to that field where that knowledge is, that the animals and the plants have ­ the subconsciousness, we will learn it on the way of evolution ­ with our selfconsciousness.

And in the human kingdom descending in the thicker matter continues to a certain level. Till now the process is involutionary. Since Christ starts the evolution, this means the going up.  Coming of Christ is an important moment in the history of mankind. Christ has brought that power, by which becomes possible the turn, the turning point of the involutionary process into evolutionary.

Man should necessarily be born, but once born, he should breathe. Breathing gives the start of life. This means that in the womb of his mother, his mother feeds him. He does not breathe, his mother breathes. His mother lives and when he goes out of his mother, she gives him the first freedom to live.

Therefore we are now in the age of living and breathing. But out of this situation we should find the right exit, the way out of the past; out of this situation of the embryo we should look for a way out in growing. But we have seen that the question could not be resolved by entering the way of growing. In the plants desire to go out of this situation has been born, but because of the limitations they have entered in the situation of fish, that entered in the situation of the birds, the birds entered in the situation of the mammals, the mammals ­ in the situation of man and man now wants to get free ­ therefore he should create a higher form of life. Whether he will create it or not, but in each there is an inner strive to pass from one form to another. If you cannot change your form with a higher, you have not resolved the question. If not, you will remain at the same limiting conditions and no one can help you. 

From the tries that nature has made, it has seen that the strength and the greatness of man are not in the enormous form. It is rational, it thinks well about the things. It has created fish and then it has said: with fish the world cannot be fixed. Then it has created the birds, but it has said the same to them as well. Finally it has created man. And about man it has said: and with him the work will not be done. Now nature has started with creation of something new. The new for fish are the birds, for the birds the new is horse, the new for the horse is man. What is the new for man? This you should find out, this is something unknown. I give you a mathematical task with one unknown that you should resolve alone.

In his development man has neither enlarged in form, nor in difficulty. If we stretch human cells or the matter his body is made of, on a surface, we will see that it will take larger space than if we stretch in the same way the biggest mammoth. Human matter is fine and stretchable. In this sense, in form, man is the biggest animal on the Earth.  On the outside he is a small tailed star, but in the ideal world he is enormous. His ideas go to the Sun, to the stars. What about could think a mammoth? First of all its form is not so big, and his thought reaches about 2­3 km, the most ­ 10 kilometres. But man, with this enormous space of his mind and with the great enlargement of his heart, he could enter in contact with all the people.

Since a thousand years modern man has passed to a higher phase of understanding. The development of man is based on the development of his sensibility.  And the people today differ in that that they suffer more than they have suffered before. This is the only difference. Because the one who suffers, could learn, but the one who is not able to suffer, he cannot learn. 

Because of the new life the people stand in new relations. The sensibility of modern people has developed. Culture is in the increase of human sensibility.  If we measure the sensibility of people, we will find out that since 2 thousand years the human sensibility has increased. In this sensitivity sits the goodness of man. The more sensible man is the greater the possibilities to make good are. Because if you cannot compare two states, what sensibility do you have?

The first war, the first descending of creatures to the Earth has been called involution, and now the ascent although slow, is evolution. These are two foreign words that should be defined exactly. Some scientists have exactly defined what evolution is and what ­ involution. Involution represents descending from great to small and evolution is ascending from small to great.

These are simple words, but in order to understand this way from small to great and from great to small, man should make a whole circle.

I give you one, one formulae. “One”-means the positive principle, the principle that moves the world. “Two” means that, what processes things. “Three” is the result, these are the deeds. At first the numbers go from left to right. The positive principle goes from left to right. In the second situation the principle goes from up to down and the third process from right to left. The first, from left to right, what is it? This process from up to down is involutionary. There is descending in thicker matter, you use greater force. In this process, from left to right, you enter in rarer matter. This way things will arrange. The white race, the Aryan race, they write from left to right. The Semites write from right to left, the Chinese from up down. Therefore the works of the Chinese are perplexed. The eastern peoples, the Semites, the Chinese go from easy work to more difficult. The Jews go like the Semites. From left to right is natural. You have already descended in the first way.

We say: man is a genial creature. Even stronger word is required. According to me man is expression of the entire cosmos. He is the final deed of nature. He is one of the greatest results nature has reached. This means that everything going on in the cosmos reflects inside in man, in the meaning of “for” and “against”. The contradictions that sometimes exist on the Earth show the good sides, existing in nature. Evil, which shows, is not always evil. But good as well, showing in man is not always good; if we take the good that is related to us on the Earth.

Someone says: “Can I be an angel?” You will be. Eighteen millions yeas people live on the Earth and still their work is not finished, the human body has not been built as it should be. The people now in their development are only 10 years old. Until they reach 20 years the same time is required and one year more to become mature. Someone asks me: “What will be in the other world?” When he goes to the other world, he would be unintelligible, something out of time and space. One dot is without space. This dot, when projected on the Earth, becomes spatial, spaceless becomes spatial, becomes straight line. We want to live a right life and right life is the most difficult. Living in a straight light is inherent to God only.

We should have a clear vision of the physical world. We have to learn it first. The entire material universe represents something similar to our Earth. It has its axis, it has north and south poles; it has east and west. What happens on the Earth happens in the material universe as well. What happens in the entire universe happens on the Earth as well. Therefore when we are talking about the Earth, about earth life, we mean the future after millions of years, because man is not going to live on the Earth only. For thousands and millions years man will travel from world to world, from earth to earth, from solar system to another solar system and will learn. Now he has been like a small child in the first grades. He says: “What will be in the future?” He imagines Heaven what it is not. Until he comes to live in Heaven a lot of time will pass. He has to complete his excursion to all the material worlds and only then he will pry into the Divine world and will be ready to understand. You should know that from a single seed have come all the apples and when their evolution completes, they will gather again in the same seed. One whole people are represented by a single man, developed in his entire form on the Earth. And the entire mankind, we could say, as well is presented by a single great man, developed in his entire form. And if we take the angels, they represent man in his heist form. Finally, if we take God, everything comes from Him. The entire universe is nothing else, but God, Who manifests.  It represents the development of God. It is because God Himself is developing as well.

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