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The Master about the Pentagram

The Pentagram: on top – clear blue – Truth, to the left – clear red – Love, to the right – light yellow – Wisdom, at the bottom right – clear green – Justice, at the bottom left – Virtue – the color of golden ripe wheat.  Pink is the color of love. The colors of the Pentagram correspond to the head, hands and feet. The clear blue is for the spiritual man. Clear red – for the heart and lungs. Clear yellow – for the mind. Clear green – the gallbladder and liver.
What is the Pentagram? The way to true life.
The pentagram shows man in his current condition – the path he has passed.
The first thought, which created sin, was when man, coming out of God, thought that he might live without Him. He separated from the whole and wanted to live an independent life. Thus he created thousands of evils for himself. The ellipse shows that man has to correct his sin. Man has two centers –heart and mind, which have to be in harmony. The pentagram is the solution to this task. It shows man, who is working, who must be in motion and serve God. The pentagram shows the small world. All the sensate forces and all the good desires in man must be settled down to work for redemption, for correcting his sins. Only the pentagon offers rules and models, which we can use to correct a sin.
The pentagram represents great, sensate currents in living nature, currents of light, which the Hindus call “prana”. They also call them “prana movements” or “currents of life”. These are the five great centers, where great processes take place. These are five positive and five negative forces. The ascending or positive forces, are situated at the peaks of the pentagon, turned with its  peak up, and the descending, i.e. negative forces are within the inner pentagon, turned with its peak down.
The spirits of the White Brotherhood, who come to our sessions, have big stars either on their foreheads or above their heads and those of the black brotherhood have no stars. Each spirit of the White Brotherhood, which will materialize, will either have a pentagonal star above his head, or on his forehead, or a circle of light around his head, or light aura along his entire body; that aura is also visible during the day; he emits light around himself. And those of the Black Lodge have no stars, no light around them.
This year you will be given the picture of the Pentagram, to study it and work on it, for we want a hearth, an altar of God, to be formed in you. Our Lord will show himself in a nation, only when there’s a hearth for Him. Only when God lives through a nation, only then it will be blessed.
This picture, which will be given to you today, you must read often, for the words, inscribed in it: “The power of human soul lies in the fulfillment of God’s will”, are very important to you. Whenever a bad thought comes to you, quickly get it out of you – do not let it take away your peace.

There’s no illness, which can’t be healed in front of this picture. This is the original. This image must always be in your minds.

Man is a representation of the Pentagram. When you look at man, you can see the five virtues in him: the line connecting his left foot and his head is Truth; the one connecting the head and the right foot – Justice; the one from the right foot to the left hand – Love; the line from the left hand to the right – wisdom; the one from the right hand to the left foot – Virtue.
Whatever you do, you can’t escape the pentagon – it determines the way of your motions.
The Pentagram has been used for centuries by various occult schools. Master’s archives of 1898 contain images and explanatory notes, as well as the name of the virtues, symbolized, through that figure. The entire image of the Pentagram was designed by the Master as the most appropriate one for the new and specific conditions, as a universal symbol of School’s work. The meaning of the Pentagram was explained by the Master in 1910, but he distributed images of that figure among his adherents from the very first years of his activity. Only those, who had completed the way of the disciple, i.e. the ones who had been initiated, received it. There was a period, during which the pentagram was being made of gold and was carried as a pendant.

The Pentagram is based on certain occult laws. Probably one of them is the correspondence between the vibrations of hue, color, number, measure etc., also known as the “golden section”, referred to by the occultists as “Divine”. The work with the

Pentagram can generally be called the “way of the disciple”, who – through trials and initiation - completes his evolution cycle, i.e. passes from the outer to the innermost circle.

The outer circle is the world, the Earthly school, the way of the worldly man.

The formula “ The power of human soul lies in the fulfillment of God’s will”, written as a circle, in the occult science means the Divine conditions, in which man can develop.

The Sword symbolizes the material wealth, the brute material force.

The cup represents the karmic law, one will go through all the sufferings he has caused to others; at the same time suffering prepares the new man, the man of Love.

The book reveals to man why does he have to suffer, teaches him the laws of life.

The enlightener is the human mind, it illuminates the book of life; man himself is the enlightener.The wand means the law of Justice.

When the light of the enlightener increases, one acquires power and influence over the others, but not the power of the sword. With the sward he had lived to take, and with light he lives  to give. Then he achieves the wand – power over himself, capability of making use of certain natural forces and laws.

The letters V, U, J (Cyrillic - В, У, Ж) are the letters of Christ; the three letters mean the Great School of Life (Bulgarian: Великото Училище на Живота).

The middle circle is the teaching, it’s the start of the way of the disciple, who consciously produces in himself the Divine virtues.

The Disciple passes through the “narrow door”, to meet Christ. Then he establishes connection with the five peaks – Ararat, Moriah, Sinai, Tabor and Golgotha – the five initiations of the disciple, the five steps of human evolution, which mankind made for thousands, millions of years.

The wide door leads to the Truth, meeting the Master – to Justice, the narrow door – to Christ, the eye – to Wisdom.

The tree of life symbolizes the virtue, which, in the wide sense of the word, incorporates all the virtues, and in the narrow sense – serving God.

The central (innermost) circle is the holy of holies, it’s the place where there are angels, adepts, great consecrated ones, the Divine Center. From the snakes, from hell, through the circle, towards  the cross, the disciple passes through severe trials, reaches complete self-denial  to become one with God. Then he acquires immortality.

There are two images of the Pentagram. The black-and-white Pentagram is depicted on a 62/51 cm sheet of paper, with diameter of the outer circle of the formula - 43 cm. The color Pentagram has additional elements. There are two known originals. In Veliko Tarnovo, in 1922 a large color Pentagram was brought to the School in a special flat box. The small color Pentagram, with dimensions 180/138 cm was signed by F. Shliater in 1922. In a lecture on June 28, 1923 the Master mentioned that in 1895 (the last year of his stay in America) a healer named Shliater, shoe-maker by trade, appeared there, and he healed 15 000 people a day, starting at 4 a.m. and using only the touch of his hands. He then disappeared after several months. Later the Master said that Shliater headed towards the East Coast, where he went through severe hardships in life. What’s the connection between the Master and Shliater and why and where was that picture painted in 1922 remains a mystery.

In 1925 during a surprise rummage by the police, the large color Pentagram was confiscated. Later Lyubomir Lulchev managed to bring the Pentagram back, but the Master then held it rolled and never took it out.

The Pentagram is used in Paneurhythmy, as the Master provides the motions, melody and text.


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