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"Death" by Beinsa Douno


For each person, it is defined of what he is going to die and when he will die.

We understand the material life in three conditions: present, past, and future. Life, which is defined by such a situation, is always limited. No matter what you do, it is limited. You are not masters in that situation. One, who has past, present and future, is by all means sentenced to die as long as he has these three conditions in himself – the sentence is passed. No matter when, no matter who one is, he will still be executed. Someone will be executed after a few days or weeks. Somebody else – after months or years. Everybody will be executed one day. The sentences will surely come. We talk about the physical world, the physical life. Now you cry – the sentence is implemented on a child of yours or on a daughter of yours, or on your husband. It is implemented on somebody and you are not satisfied. Finally, you will be claimed guilty. You do not know who sentences you and who executes you. You do not know if there is an external judge. Sometimes there is a special court. One is sentenced and caught. He is sentenced like a criminal and put in prison. Some people are not judged at all and they are immediately executed.

Even if they give you 1000 years for living, you yourself would wish to leave Earth. It will become quite workaday for you. You would wish to go to other worlds. Earth is only one result. The world of feelings is a more beautiful place, but the world of thinking is even more beautiful. And once you have gone through these three lives, you will still want to come to Earth. In a world, you will live as long as it is needed for your development. Sometimes you will be expelled from Earth by somebody to go home. They will return you as a bride, who is turned back to her father. They will return you in the way a father sends his child to school. It has begun to play, and the father takes a stick and the child runs away. When it comes home, he gives it a good lesson.


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"Death" by Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov)


Time for Work, Time for Death

The reasonable, Divine life is a life of the soul, where everything is done on its time. That is why, Solomon said, “There is a time for everything.” There is a time to be born; there is a time to die. One can be born only at the time that God has defined for that. Humans die after the same law - only when that is defined. If one knew the laws, he would have been able to skip the time defined for dying. It happens one to come to a freezing point in his life, when he must surely die. In nature, there are some places, where the powers are balanced in absolute rest. If a person comes upon such a place, his pulse will surely stop.

Whatever one has, he will leave it on Earth. You have rented a house for 5-10-20-30, 40-50-60-70 - up to 120 years at most, but once these years pass, you leave it and go to the other world. By that time you have to eliminate all you have. You say that someone has died quite young. He has rented a house for that number of years. Someone died at the age of 1. You ask, “Why did he live so little?” He has agreed on that. One agrees on certain conditions, on how many years he will live with his coming down to Earth. Agreements are prepared above, not on Earth.

At coming down on Earth, one has foreseen what should be done. For that purpose, he has his own specific plan that he has agreed to fulfill. If he does not fulfill it, he prematurely goes to the other world.

One does not have to leave for the other world before he has finished his job.

You say, “I will die.” Why do you put death in you? Put it out of you. When death comes, it is enough to say, “I have a job. I have not finished my job.” You will wait! Someone says, “I must die.” I die only when I finish my job. If you do not want to do a certain job, you die easily.

No one should go to the other world prematurely. You should fall like a ripe fruit exactly on time.

Young and old people solve the same questions from two points of view. If you cannot connect both ends of youth and old age in one place, life will remain not understood for you. If you do not know why you have come and if you do not know why you leave, you have not understood life. If you do not know why you go to school and if you do not know why you finish school, what have you understood? Nothing. It is not bad to go to school to learn everything. It is not bad to finish school when you have learned everything. School is not an eternal order. This life is a school, which you have to enter and finish on time.

Death itself is not scary. It is scary when a person dies and cannot rise. Knowing this, live consciously to leave for the other world on time to be able to rise. If you do not live properly, you will die prematurely. If you die prematurely, resurrection will not come. When a farmer does not sow on time, fruits do not ripen on time.

If you are one of the smart people, you will live in the world until your sun comes up to the zenith. When you come to the zenith, then you will leave this world and go to God and it will be sunrise again in the spiritual world. And then you will be happy. But if you wait to see the completion of earthly life, you know what the results for each of you would be.

While you are in the physical world, do not wish to die and run away from Earth. Where will you go? You will remain again here until you solve the contradictions of your life. Until you become masters of your thoughts, feelings, and deeds, you cannot enter the higher world.

Do not unite with common anxieties, with common philosophy of life. Have your own philosophy. Concentrate on yourself and tell yourself that it is a privilege for all beings in the world to live! All reasonable beings are to live! This is a privilege – you to live. And dying is something extraordinary. And when you die, those, who care about the economy of life, will look for ways to return you. Why should they take you from Earth? And the psalmist says, “Do not take me, God, in the middle of my days to achieve and acquire, to understand the law, fix my life, and live as much as I should.”

One should not be afraid of death. However, there should not be premature death. After living for a while on Earth, after fulfilling his job, a human goes up like somebody, who has worked during the whole day, after which he goes home to rest. In fact, beautiful life is above and the one, who goes up, goes to the beautiful life. We may want our lives to be prolonged here to work for God. However that will be deducted, because, due to that, we deprive ourselves of the beautiful life above.

If someone leaves 10 years earlier, then he will remain for 10 years to finish his works, because people need experience, material. The spiritual world is a wide area where materials are needed.

I ask: do you know how many years one should live on Earth? He has to live 120 years. Under current conditions of life, when someone dies at the age of 60, they hold him down for another 60 years and then he goes to God to give an account of his deeds. During these 60 years, he works among people and when he becomes 120 years old, he gives then an audience to God.

People cry when they lose somebody favorite. They cry, because they do not know where he has gone. The one, who has gone cries through them. Almost all people die prematurely. Every person is destined to live on Earth for 100-120 years. Anyone, who leaves prematurely, spends many years between Heaven and Earth in an indefinite life. This world and the other world are one and the same thing. Just look with the eyes of a clairvoyant and see how many beings from the invisible world are round you.

I do not mind you going to the other world. And when you go to the other world you think that you will gain something. If you go 10 years earlier to the other world, you will go around here on Earth for 10 years and you will not be able to go up. And you must not be late, either. If you are 10 years late, it is bad. So, you must leave exactly on time.

People, who have left prematurely and unprepared, have not entered the other world, but they are still on Earth, where they struggle hard for existence. It is a terrible thing one to die prematurely! In his struggle for existence, he causes great harms to living people. This is the reason for meeting two people, who have loved each other yesterday and now they hate each other. A brother quarrels with a sister, a man quarrels with a woman, and a teacher quarrels with students. You hear quarrels and fights everywhere. Why are there such misunderstandings between people? If you lived among Bulgarians, when Turks tortured them, you would say that Turks were the reason for their misfortunes. Today Bulgarians are already free. What is the reason for their present sufferings and misunderstandings? Therefore, the reason for people’s misfortunes is somewhere else.

Half of the salvation of humanity is due to people, who live long on Earth. Their salvation should happen on Earth. And those, who die young, they have nothing to worry about. When young children go to Heaven, there is another order for them - they will be educated there. And you, while you are here on Earth, you should to rescue yourselves. If you do not rescue yourselves here, you will not rescue above, either. Children are something else. No matter if you believe my words or not, you need what I am talking about now. It is a capital, a knowledge that you should have.

When death comes close, you feel terrified of the unknown. Only One can save you from the clutches of death. This is God. Neither angels, nor saints, no one can save you. Only God saves people.

It does not depend on you if you will live or not. A whole team solves that issue. And if God agrees, then the sentence is executed.

For each person, it is defined of what he is going to die and when he will die.

Aging always shows a degree to future rejuvenation, but because we want to experience everything in a life of 70-80 years, the great contradiction is born from this. Imagine that you live on Earth for entire 10,000 years to understand life. One day, when death comes, you will be glad that it has come. Now you have just become 30 years old, you have just begun to understand life and you must already go to the other world. Then they will convince you that you will go to the other world. All right, but you do not have a real experience for the other world. Modern humans have come to a state, in which they call all experiences from the other world hallucinations.

A Bulgarian told me about his experience of what we call today a hallucination, “One night I dreamt of a blackamoor, who was coming with a beautiful black horse. He put me on the back of the horse and went on with me. He took me to a Bulgarian mill and went round it for 3 times with me. Then he took me off on the ground, unharnessed his horse and went away. It was not long before my grandmother died. I was wondering whence that blackamoor came. 4-5 years later the same blackamoor came with the same horse, put me again on his horse and took me to the same mill, went round it with me for 3 times and left me. Recently my sister died. I dreamt of that blackamoor a third time - soon after that a close relative of mine died.”

You will say, “How do you explain that?” I do not explain it in any way. “How do you interpret it?” I do not interpret it in any way, but I say: it is a coincidence. One feels that he will get ill and he gets ill. Another one feels that he will recover and he recovers. This is also a coincidence, because you have no conscious evidences.

One must know not only the time of his departure, but everything else that relates to his life.

Which is better - you to know when you will die or when you will be born? Which is better - you to know when you will enter the school or when you will finish school? It is because if you know when you will be born, you know when you will die, but you cannot know when you will die before you are born. And everyone, who cannot die, cannot know when he will be born, either.

Now you understand the word “dead” very superficially. Do you think that the fruit that is separated from the tree and falls to the ground and rots is dead? Each fruit is very beautiful. People look like fruits. They fall, rot, and go away. Apparently it is all over with him. However, if you pay attention only to the fact that the fruit rots, you have a vague idea of things.

I am sorry about two things, which I have told in my life. The first was to a friend of mine - Dr. Mirkovic. He wanted to know when he will die. I told him the day and the year. When I told him this, it was as if I scalded him. And he died; he went to the other world exactly when I told him.

The other case was in 1914. One day, a young woman came. She said, “I want to ask you something very serious.” I told her, “I do not have time now!” When I do not have time, I know that she will ask me something that is neither hers, nor my job. However, she insisted, “Please, spare just five minutes for me, because this will decide my destiny!” I accepted her as it concerned destiny. She asked, “Tell me, will I be happy?” I looked at her and said, “You will live for only two more years. There is a very small chance for you to stay on Earth. It happens once in ten thousand people. It can happen to you. Get the Gospel to read. After two years, you will go to the other world. It is determined. The angle will knock. And if they leave you, come and tell me.” She has not come so far.

I say: why did I tell her that she would leave in two years? I could tell her that I did not know anything. I told Dr. Mirkovic: it is better one not to know, it is the best. Ignorance in such cases is preferable to knowledge. To know when they will hang you, when you will get drowned, when your head will be broken, when your wife will die, or when your kids will die – that is one side of things. However, there is another thing that is the more important one: to know why exactly it happens.

About one month ago I was visited by a lady from the high life of Sofia, who was interested in fortune-tellers. She had a husband, with whom she lived wonderfully and he loved her very much. One day she decided to go to a fortune-teller to ask what her future will be. She said, “Why did I have to go!” She went to a fortune-teller, who told her that her husband would die after six years in that month. She did not tell her that she will die, but that he would die and she would remain a widow. She was very worried about that. She returned home. A month or two passed. Her husband comforted her, but she could not sleep, became nervous and got ill. They called a doctor, who said, “A nervous disorder.” She was worried about her husband’s death.

I asked her, “What makes you believe that your husband will die in 6 years?” I was interested in how she justified her belief. “I tell you that your husband will not die after 6 years.” “Is it possible?” “Of course it is.” “How is that possible?” “It is possible when the fortune-teller says that he will die and it is not possible when I tell that he will not die. Assume that a court sentence someone to hanging. However, the king may reprieve the sentence. Here I tell you that he will not be hung.” She looked at me and said, “You want to make me gullible.” I told her, “You are gullible, because you came to believe a fortune-teller without any argument. However, I tell you, “My words that he will not die are as true as your words that he may die. These things are possible. Suppose that after 6 years there is a war and your husband goes and they kill him. It is possible, but I know something else. I know that the war will not be after 6 years, but after 7-8 years. So, it is not exactly so. Mathematically it is possible some things to be postponed. (25th December 1932)

You might say, “This is clairvoyance.” This is not a law of clairvoyance. These are certain features that I see. I see the structure that she has. That structure will collapse in these conditions after 2 years. You say, “I need to see it.” No, I think in another way. I see a car, badly made and I say, “It will break if they put on it about 100 kg.” “How do you know that? Are you a clairvoyant?” No, I see, I measure the axle how much it can withstand. And I see that if it carries 100 kg, it will not withstand.

There are some people, whom, after seeing them, I know that they will remain more on Earth. I do not know how I know that, but I know that he will stay more on Earth. And even if one wants to die, he cannot. They do not want him. There is no place determined for him. Sometimes you want to get on, but there is no place in the train or in the car. Sometimes you do not want to go, but you are forced to go.

The Divine world is a world of eternal harmony. Once you connect to this world, no disease will attack you. However, if a disease attacks you, you shall not to be afraid of it. Humans do not die so easily. When that time comes, they will tell you, “Get ready to leave for the other world.” If that is not said to you clearly, it means that the lower beings want to exhaust you. Then you are to go to a high place and say, “God, they want to take me prematurely!” Beings will be sent from the other world to keep you, but you will have to pray intensely for that.

Think about that verse, in which Jesus says, “I go to prepare a place for you and when I prepare it, I will come and get you.”

Everyone shall have a place prepared. You must have Love and no one shall go to the other world until his place is prepared. He shall go when his place is prepared.

Now the white color serves as an emblem of death. And many times, if you dream that somebody dresses you in white clothes, you will soon be sent to the other world by all means. Often when somebody dies, they dress him in white clothes, don’t they? And if sometimes they dress you in black clothes, this means that you will live longer. And when sufferings on Earth begin to disappear, you shall know that life shortens. Once you see that life shortens, they will dress you in a white shirt. You can check these things. I can give you an example. A Bulgarian citizen, in the present war, won 50,000 levs and said, “From now on I will be happy.” That same night he died.

How will you determine how long a person will live on Earth? There are several ways to determine the length of life. One of the simplest ways is this: put a finger on your skin and press slightly. If a dimple remains in the place, which you have pressed, that person will not live long. If the dimple disappears quickly, he will live long. There are life energies in him. In the first case, Nature tells that one shall be attentive to life and use its energies reasonably. In the second case, it promises him a long life. Try to see within how much time the dimple disappears. If you want to have accurate results, you can use a clock: sometimes a dimple disappears in 2-3 seconds, and sometimes it remains throughout the whole day.

It is enough to look at the hand of somebody and you can guess how long he will live on Earth. This is determined by the lines of the hand, as well as by their length and width. Also, the wider one’s nose is and the more open his nostrils are, the longer life is. That man takes in more air, and the less air you take in, the less blood is oxidized, because of which you get ill more often.

If the veins of the arm are protruding, what would be the conclusion? There will be no conclusions. (“That they are arms of an old person.”) Old age is one result. It is science! And to say that someone is young or old, there is no science in that. It is science if you say what energy is specifically collected, and what reserve of energy the arm has. There is so much tension in that old person with these protruding nerves! He has come to the utmost limit and thinks of going to the other world and is just waiting for a young person to come to him to give his service to him and leave away. But until that young person comes, he is tense. So, the old man is not stupid. He is a clever person, who passes on his service and goes to the other world.

So, when veins are protruding, this person wants to pass on something. When veins sink, this person has nothing for passing on. Only if there are protruding veins, there is that state of passing on.

The life-line goes round the area of Venus - the area of Love that comes down from the thumb.

If the life-line on one of the palms is broken and on the other one it is continuous, then that person will die at the age of 40-50. But, if I decide to lead a good, harmonious life and take measures for that, then I will be able to modify that broken line on my palm and I will be able to prolong my life till the age of 60.

If the life-line of somebody is broken in 2-3 places, it shows that he is sentenced to die - nothing more. Nothing can save him.

(She said,) “When I was sentenced to death by hanging - she was accused of something - something inside me told me that they will not hang me. It happened so and I was judged not guilty later on.” I looked at her palm and said, “While the line of life is so well developed, no matter how many times you are sentenced to be hung, they will not hang you. Your friends from the invisible world interceded for you and saved your life.”

When the ear is prolonged downwards, life also is prolonged. When the ear is extended upwards, purity increases. When the ear is expanded, activity is expanded. When the ear is shortened, life is frail. That is why you have to pull your ears. Notice that the ears of those people, who die early, are shorter. Someone asks how many years he will live. By measuring his ear, I can tell him how many years he will live. Sometimes it is scary to tell someone how many years he will live. It is noticed that people with long ears live many years, and people with short ears live less years. This is so. Nature never lies.

There is a science that people have to study. They are not to regret that we live in a hard epoch and ask, “How the world will be fixed?” There is nothing to think about the world! When you travel on a ship and ask me what our future is, I will answer that our future is we to come to the port. Everyone should go out at the port. The captain will come ashore, will order everybody to go down and take whichever road they want. The ship will remain a ship. It would be ridiculous to provide for ourselves eternal stay on that ship. You have the right to travel by it only for the days you have paid – 10, 15, or 20. When the trip is over, you are to get down. Earth is such a ship. Imagine that you arrive at a port and they tell you that you have to go down right away. They say, “Somebody has gone to the other world.” He has not gone. He has come down at the port and gone home.

We strengthen life through our thoughts. Adam lived 900 years. It is better if we live a long life, but not a life of 120 years, in which we understand nothing. Someone lived 120 years, married three times, his wives died, his children died. He was a trader - bankrupted, wrote a book - unreadable. One has to experience essential works. If I come to Earth and if in future I am in this situation, I would like to gain such power that to go to the Moon from Earth. To have a walk. The moon is rich in gold, precious stones – there are treasures. And when I come back I want to bring my whole wealth from the Moon. What do you think? If I bring 500-600 million British pounds, does such a walk have sense? Isn’t it better if I gain knowledge and become a master of the space? As a master I will know. I will measure coldness, warmth, electrical and magnetic processes with my instrumentation. I will measure the changes. When I come back, I will know. Then an ambition will come in me to go to the Sun. I will bring the sacred fire from there, with which to light the elements of Earth. I will also bring life elixir, for which they have worked in the old days, because that elixir may be taken only from the Sun. No matter what they say, I know that in this way. That elixir is not on Earth. Throughout the year there are special days, there are specific times when the sunrays fall on plants under a certain angle - and if you can take it and put it in a bottle, you will gain eternal life. You want me tell you these days and times. I will not tell you even if you give me the whole Earth!

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