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The New Epoch

The type of the sixth race has already started to form on Earth, almost everywhere there are such types. Now Archangel Michael is on stage, he has been in control of the age for a number of years; when you loose heart, think of Archangel Michael.

The white race is now giving birth to the sixth race, and it is in pain, like a bother, but it will be wide awake, when the birth takes place, while in the past each race used to give birth to the next one unknowingly. The future, which the sixth race will bring, is unlike anything man has ever dreamed of – life will be lived in Love and people will be dematerialized

If you’re born on Earth, all the conditions have been created for you. One consciousness watches over you. The wave of the sixth race is coming, and everybody must be ready for it. Its members will be a transition between angels and humans. Everybody in the sixth race will be visionaries. It’s the race of Love, which will impose the Kingdom of God on Earth. A continent is now being built in the Great Ocean.
One day you will rule everything, I am telling you about. The invisible world will send workers, ready to transform the world and you’d be their assistants. You must prepare for that time. The current civilization, which is almost at its end, started from Egypt, went through Syria, Persia, Rome, England, Germany, America, and now it is once again going to Russia. You are destined to take active participation in that wave, which is now coming and setting mankind in motion.

Great future awaits you. Now you will start living. A new type of man will be formed. This is the culture of the immortals. The immortals, the people of the ideal will live in the sixth race. The current manifestation of Christ will be a manifestation of the Sons of God on Earth, or to say that in a contemporary language: fraternization of people. A common brotherhood will be created around the world.
Mankind has already passed rough the subconscious and conscious lives, and now it is gradually entering the super-conscious life. The super-conscious life is the border, we are approaching. Super-consciousness will give new direction the human evolution. From the depths of subconscious life, man has been gradually elevating to a higher conscious life, i.e. the self-sacrifice, which shows that a super-conscious life starts to emerge in himself, i.e. the manifestation of the Divine. This is the new type of man. This is the new race, which is coming.

After 3 500 years on the Earth we’ll have a new race, which will have new feelings. And the Earth will be 10 times bigger than we now see it. What would you say to that? On the Earth there are mountains, which scholars know nothing about, on the Earth there are oceans, which scholars know nothing about. You’d say that this philosophy of ours resembles the philosophy of the ants, which, studying the Dawn, say that there’s nothing more to this world. They say that there’s nothing more than the Dawn. There are so many things ants do not know, they have never even dreamed of. So these are things, which will be studied in the future.

The main core of the sixth race will consist of these White Brothers, who will come from above. Of course, there will be members also from today’s people, but only the prepared ones. The elected people of all nations will get through to the sixth race and than we’ll be able to speak of brotherhood and Love. The White Race signifies force; it created steamships, airplanes and all kinds of technology, but the world has never before had any destructive forces, as we have now in this race. And the sixth race is a race of the heart and it gradually prepares the conditions for fraternization, lays the foundations and builds upwards. Peoples will remain, and the sixth race will be their head, and they will be the feet, hands, stomach etc. There will be a lot of peoples in the new age as well, but the sixth race will be the favorite son, just like Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son, and Joseph saved Egypt, so the sixth race will save people from perishing.
Whoever has a merciful heart, he is a candidate for the new race, the softness of heart is one of the signs.

The sixth race will prepare Love. It prepares three things: the perfect Love of God, of the fellow man and of self. Love has to enter first. People should have one measure: the Love of God should be the measure for everybody.

The New Culture is a culture of the heart, which leads people to fraternization, to brotherly lives. Love will manifest itself through the Heart. In the old Life Love started with joy, and ended with sorrow. In the new Life, however, Love starts with sorrow and ends with joy.

The sixth race will be sacred, its members will emit light. Now people do good by reflection. In the future good will be naturally emitted from man, like the light from the source.

In the future, when the sixth race comes, people will give more and take less. They will be people of the light, and they will take less. They will be people of the light – the race of light. Then people will think more. Thinking gives more and feelings take more. Man must think more, i.e. give more. And God started first with thought, with harmony. This is what prudent life requires.

Reason, memory, insight, prudence will be well developed in the people of the future. As soon as you see that man, you’ll know him by his body – light will radiate from it. Every feeling an every ability of man radiate a certain amount of light and heat. The one in love, for example, emits more light and heat, than the one who is not in love. When you get near a person, who is in love with you, you get a pleasant feeling.

In the sixth race there will be resurrection. People will be resurrected. If a person of the sixth race was to come now in a city, and enter someone’s home, he would bring all the blessings: if people are sick, they will get well, if they are poor, they will get rich, if they are ignorant – they will become educated. He will not pay attention to their handicaps. He will bring in, what he has in himself. He enters like the light.

If a perfect person is told that he must have a father and a mother to give birth to him, he will be puzzled. He knows that a person may give birth to himself. In the current living conditions it is so – a man has to have a father and a mother, to be born. But the perfect person gives birth to himself.

When Christ says that “of water and spirit” will a man be born, this means the primary prana, the force, and “spirit” means the Spirit of God, it is the prudent in man, the highest consciousness. “Of water and spirit” will the new man be born.

A specific feature of the sixth race will be that there will be no nationalism. There ill be kindness, there will be one single language. There will also be other languages, but one language will be common for all.

Writing in the white race is from left to right. The writing of the sixth race will be geometrical: circles, triangles, quadrangles, points, lines, squares etc.

In the future the hairs on the human body will be very few. The entire body will be naked. Man is an excellent receiver. He receives through his body, a lot of things from the invisible intelligent world.

The head of the future man will be bald, but beautifully shaped, with a given width and length of the skull, with a given height of the head, with beautiful lines, with well shaped forehead. It won’t be low and narrow, but wide and high.

The faces of the future people will be elongated, and not moon-like.

The people of Love, who are now starting to come, will have differently formed bodies. They will be able to see both in front of and behind themselves, as well as to the sides, without ever needing to turn or move their neck and ayes. They will know what will happen every single day and will gladly accept everything. They will not worry that sickness and poverty might come to them. They know how to get distress, sickness and death to work. They are their masters.

The white race steps back to make room for the sixth race, which will have differently structured people. The nose will be structured differently, the eyes will be structured differently. These people will see in front of them and behind, above and below, they’ll see everywhere. Now we only see about 180 degrees. We can’t see what happens behind us. We can’t foresee what will happen in the future. Some have started foreseeing their future and call that intuition. IN the future people will know what their future is. In the future people will see what is hiding in their brains, in their hearts, they will start processing their feelings. If someone of you wants proof, you’ll see that it is enough for somebody who is nervous, who often quarrels, to stay in this school for only three months, and he will be calm. There you will not be spoken to, you’ll only be prodded at a spot – they won’t tell you where, and they will prod you three times a day; in the morning they will prod you with the index fingers, at noon – with the third fingers, and in the evening they will use the third fingers, and while you sleep they will use the pinkies at these points. Within three months you’ll be in an excellent disposition. You may ask: “What is there in that for us?" These touches will provide food for those centers. For patience is an ability of man. If a person is patient, this is not just a random attribute. It is ability. When it develops, you’ll be patient. Give a man hope that what he wants, he will achieve, and he will become patient. Give a man the opportunity to develop properly, and patience will come. Stop the process and he becomes impatient. Impatience signifies an absence in man.

The physical vision is limited, and the spiritual one – unlimited. Spiritually a person can see at enormous distances. The discovery of the radio and television has proven the existence of second-sight. How does that second seeing happen, no one can explain. But in the future the majority of mankind will be visionaries. Y means of their internal radio, people will perceive things, happening thousands of kilometers away and in this way they will be able to help each other.

There will be no prisons. A person will come and say to you: “There is a risk that you may commit a crime after one year. Be careful!“

Everybody in the sixth race will be visionaries and its continent will be the Great Ocean.

Only the sinner sleeps. The people of the sixth race will always be with open eyes, and with their consciousness wide awake.

Another light is coming from the Sun, which cannot be seen by human eyes. In the sixth race a grid will be formed in people’s eyes and they will make it possible to see new colors and new light.

So far man can only use 5 senses and the sixth race will have a sixth sense, and there are 6 more latent senses. When man fully completes his evolution, all his 12 senses will be developed to perfection.

When people become righteous and stop sinning, the climate will be moderate. There will be no carnivorous animals, all the conflicts will be gone and parasites will no longer exist. In the new life people will be above any diseases. During the sixth race there will be no hospitals, courts of law, prisons. In the future you’ll just push a button and see a film of how people lived, what was life like on Earth millions of years ago. The Acashic records will be played. You’ll see how the entire Solar System was formed.

In the future culture food will be completely digested, there will be no residues, there will be no toilets, nor sewerage. If you do not transform your mind, your heart and your body, if you fail to make them to be of a pure fine matter, you’ll remain with the old living conditions, with distress.

The people of the sixth race will live on cleaner and more healthy food than this we have now. They will not use any knives or forks, the copper pots will be replaced by pots of more precious metals. The human organism must receive such elements, which would elevate the vibrations of its energies.

The people of the new sixth race will live mainly on fruit food. Meat is a strong food, but harmful and will no longer be even mentioned. Meat-eating is one of the reasons for the cruelties and barbarity among people, as well as for the neurasthenia. Man will recreate his organism through food. If he fails to do that, he will live with the animal stimuli.

A day will come, when people will only feed themselves through their lungs and brains. The newborns won’t be slaves of the environment – to constantly worry about the next day.

In the future people will eat through their pores, which will again require some time for the absorption of food. Chewing will persist.

Everything on the surface of the Earth will burn and all people will melt. The new man will be created and then this Earth will be new, people will live, and when you come then, rivers will be crystal-clear. There will be no muddy rivers anywhere. The entire Earth will be covered by gardens, orchards. There will be very few fishes and animals. There will be a garden in front of every house, there will be fine music people will not use airplanes, but they will float in the air. If you want to fly – you fly, if you want to get down – you get back down. You just push the button and go out immediately. Everything you want, you’ll have. You’ll have that after 365 thousand years.

The people of the sixth race will master the art of transforming matter – to obtain bread, when they want – this is the art mastered by Christ and many Teachers and adepts.

In the future bread, fruits, all food, will be within people. It would be enough to think about a pear, and it will come right away. It would be enough for a man to think about a spring in the mountains and it will be there in front of him immediately.

One day you’ll know how to become young or old, a man or a woman, you’ll transform nature, according to your desires.

In the culture of the sixth race people won’t die like they do now. When the time comes for someone to depart, he will summon his friends to say goodbye, and say to them: “Goodbye, I will become invisible, I will ascend to the residence, which has been prepared for me” – and he will dematerialize This will happen in the more distant future. Then there will be no cemeteries, monuments, funeral services mourning, weeping.

Future people will turn from visible to invisible and vise versa. When you offend a man, he will become invisible for you, and you’ll not be able to offend him. As soon as you decide to offend him, he will disappear, you won’t be able to see him, you won’t be able to lock him up. If you lock him up ten time in a prison, it will be in vain, he will disappear.

Future people will turn from visible to invisible and vise versa, they will not have remains, and there will be no need to be buried. After they live 150 years, they will depart, they will become invisible. The process of people being born will be changed, there will only be incarnation.

People won’t marry any more or be born and incarnate, as they do now, but they will come through possession.

There is no need for us to create a new culture. This culture has already been created. And when we come to that point, we will send our children from the Earth to study in Heaven, ad not like it is done now – they are sent to England, or Germany, or France, or Egypt, or India, or China, or Japan to study some secrets. No – we will send our children to Heaven, so that they learn there the great secrets of life. After 3-4 thousand years they will once again come on Earth in illuminated airplanes to show us how angels live in Heaven. They will tell us how the intelligent beings live there, how they build their houses, what are their relations etc. But now, if you say these things to somebody, he will answer: “This is all nonsense! We are dealing with real things.”

The future man, the Man of Love, will have such a great power, that nothing will be able to stand up to it. He will be able to increase his heat and light with his will, so that they get thousands of times stronger than that of the light and heat of the Sun, coming to the Earth. A person, having heat and light, thousands of times stronger than those of the Sun, will be able to blind the most numerous and the strongest of all armies, to melt their weapons. He will be able to melt the vaults of all bankers, warm-up all frozen hearts, remove any barriers, put on the road by human egoism.

In nature there’s condensed energy and one day, when you become righteous, saints, you’ll use that condensed heat. There is condensed bread, hoes, clothes. One day you’ll be dressed up like angels.
The fruit-trees know that art. They convey the energy, coming from the Sin and use it to form the fine fruit.

Up there in the air, in space, 500 km above the Earth, there’s an entire ocean of electric power. It will be brought down, it will be used and provide light on the Earth.

Educated people say that for the inhabitants of the Earth, there is a new planet prepared in the Solar System. All the people will be transferred from here to that planet. That transfer has already started – people are being transferred in twos, in threes; in the future most people will be transferred there. It’s a place with better living conditions. Those who’ll be the pioneers on that planet, will communicate with the Earth. They say that this planet will not be very far from here. After some time that planet would fit itself in the Moon. So that it wouldn’t be very far – at about 300 thousand kilometers. It would be a fine walk. And when that happens, the sign would be that the Moon will turn bluish, unlike its current color. This is how you will know it has changed. And one day you will return to this fine Earth and then it will be a true Kingdom of God. There will be one kingdom on the Earth and it will be the True Kingdom.

Strong is the one, who is not tempted in his mind, if you see money, you’ll be glad that someone else has that money. If you are a truthful son of God, all the riches on the Earth will be yours. Everything there is on the Earth, it is yours, you can count on that. If we love God, everything will be at our disposal. If we do not love Him, the law is different. For we do not love Him, living in a world of lovelessness, God’s goods are not equally allocated. When Love comes, when God lives in people, or when people adopt God inside of them, as it is said in “Our Father” – “Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done"; if God’s name is hallowed in our minds, if His kingdom comes to our hearts and if His will is done in our bodies, then all the goods, we need, will be there for us. This is the future Kingdom of God. When one day human consciousness is elevated, not only self-consciousness, but super-consciousness to be present within all people, so that big and small, ignorant and educated - everybody lives in Love, everybody will rejoice. Then we will have a culture, much different from the present one.


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