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"After Death" by Beinsa Douno

After Death by Beinsa Douno

Often people worry about what will happen to them, where they will go when they die. It is strange: when you were born, whence did you come? “Where am I going?” You are going whence you have come. Whence did your father come? Everyone goes whence he has come.

There is a distinction between life and death. I define life and death in the following way: death is the biggest restriction, in which a rational being can be placed. Life is the greatest freedom, in which the human mind can be placed. Therefore, humans are between these two poles. So, death is defined as the greatest restriction. This restriction is necessary for the humans-animals and the humans-beasts. Humans-animals and humans-beasts will pass through death, through the thinnest tube that exists in living Nature. It is planting. Therefore, when Nature wants to get rid of such types of people, it passes them through the thinnest tube, where even evil does not stop. When evil reaches up to there, it also stops. Evil cannot get to the other side of that tube, i.e. on the other side of death, because on the other side of death, it is already life there, the life of immortality.

The only immortal thing in you is your mind. In death, human feelings are terminated and he does not feel anymore. He does not feel things as a living person, but only some impressions of his desires, certain intensity remains in him. That person is externally passive, but he can awake. He is like an embryo outside; he is passive. However, if you put that dead person in a body and if he comes into contact with that living person, certain instincts will immediately occur in him. When a sinner dies, he remains the same. Death does not change him at all. He changes when he goes to the other side of death, and namely in life. While he is in death, he is the same. Therefore, until the mind comes in a person and he starts thinking, he cannot change. The only thing that can change human nature is his mind.


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"After Death" - Book by Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov)


Passing Beyond

Bulgarians have a custom to light an icon-lamp in the evenings. Why are icon-lamps needed? They light them mainly for the deceased in order there to be light for them in the other world. Many of those, who have left to the other world, are in darkness, persecuted and tortured by their enemies - evil spirits. If one does not want to suffer both in this world and in the other one, he must have an icon-lamp, which have to be constantly lit. Therefore, one, who suffers, does not have an icon-lamp. Everyone should carry in himself the icon-lamp of wisdom, filled with the oil of truth and lighted by the fire of Love.

In music you have seven tons, and in light you have seven colors. There is also a second range of light. You can pass the light from outside through your mind. If you pass the red color through your mind, you can see it in a much nicer form than outside in the rainbow. The first range of seven colors is on the physical plane. Once we go to the second range of light, we already reach the consciousness – we perceive the seven tons objectively. Those people, who make experiments by moving from one of the ranges to the other, pass through a dark zone.

When people are closer to death, they say that it is becoming dark for them. When they pass the first range of the light of seven tones, it is the physical world. Then the dark zone comes. Some people pass through the dark zone and say that it is becoming bright for them. They will move from the first range of the light into the second range of the light. By passing through, one enter the other world. And the light of the other world is softer and more beautiful. Compared to it, the physical light is harsher.

I say: there is a way of concentrating. You can move from one of the ranges of light into the other one, but to go through, you should liberate from all impressions of the physical world. You must isolate from your mind all impressions that the physical world has in you. Once you isolate your mind from them, you will go to the other world. If there is anything, which worries your mind, you cannot go to the other world.

There are contradictions in the other world, too. There is one zone, in which you will be responsible for every hard word from centuries ago till now. You will pass through such hardships, through the whole hell, the worst things. You should be armed by tanks there. You shall have masks somewhere. It is not easy to pass from this world to the other one. Sometimes an angel sits and will take you in hands, but sometimes you will go out – there is no an angel and then spirits will go after you. Now I do not want to scare you, it is only for clarification. It is partly true. They will go after you. You shall study the law of humility. You will become smaller and smaller and finally – they will not be able to see you, you disappear, but you will also lose the form. Sadness will fall upon you. You have saved yourself, but everything is taken, nothing has remained. You pass and nobody wants to know you. You are forgotten. No one pays attention to you. You are a foreigner.

There is a dark zone around Earth, in which all negative human thoughts, desires and deeds wander. If one touches them, he shudders. When the higher beings pass through that zone, they, like Moses, lift their staffs and split it opening a free way. One, who has knowledge, passes easily through that zone and one, who does not have knowledge, drowns in it. The bridge that links the dark zone to the bright one is very narrow like a thread. A righteous person passes easily along it. He is an acrobat in that respect. However, when a sinner comes to it, he hesitates, feels dizzy and falls into the abyss. That is why it is said that when one leaves for the other world, he must give up all earthly things, all human things. He shall carry nothing. Only in this way he may pass through the dark zone successfully. By knowing the human nature, God has placed a dark zone as a boundary between this world and the other one so that thefts not to be possible. You can steal on Earth as much as you want, but no thefts and crimes are allowed in the Promised Land. You can bring only your bright thoughts and desires there. Everything is immortal there.

There is a theory, according to which during the passing from this world to the other one, one must know the law of shrinking to shrink so much that he to pass completely unnoticed by the beings that are hostile toward him. Once the soul comes to the dark zone of Earth, these creatures begin to pursue it as they pursue thieves on Earth. Almost for every soul, two or three angels are determined to guard it in order it to pass through that zone safely. There are cases when some souls are not accompanied by angels and they are exposed to great persecution by the evil spirits. If an ordinary person falls into an abyss in the invisible world, they stop him there as they do here with the cars of prominent rich people and tell him, “Hands up, give me the money!”

By passing from the physical to the spiritual world, there is a great abyss; when you reach it, you will get scared. When you come to the spiritual world, your legs will start shaking and you will swing. No matter how spiritual you are, you start shaking; terror overwhelms you, because you lose ground. You have nothing to step on. Your leg remains hanging in the air. It is well here on Earth, and there is nothing on which to put your leg there and it remains hanging in the air. And people are so much afraid of dying not because it is so scary, but the abyss that exists between this world and the other world is scary.

And if you set off for the other world, the whole road of life is mined. There are mines. To leave for the other world, at least three angels shall come. One angel will carry you in its arms and two will escort you. Others will attack you and these two will defend you. There will be many enemies that will attack you from every side. And thanks to these angels you will pass through that dangerous zone to enter the other world.

There is no a harder thing without vehicles in the other world. There is a deadly river, through which you have to pass, and the bridges are destroyed. The water is so dirty that if you decide to pass through it, you will need 250 years to get rid of the stench. There is a gossamery thread over the river. You have to pass over the river along that gossamery thread without a rod. If you cannot keep balance on that thin thread, you may tilt to one side or the other and fall into the river.

How will you pass from this world to the other world? You will pass by a thread. The soul from this world will pass through that bridge. So, a righteous soul will pass and will not fall. A sinful one will try to pass and will fall in. And it will go to hell.

So, I say: when we talk about the good life, about Love, about joy, about truth, we understand that state, in which we have balance when we come to that thread. Love shall be in the center. Wisdom shall be on the left, and truth – on the right. These three Divine powers will take us across the thin bridge. We will be safe. Love, wisdom and truth are needful for passing from this to the other world, for passing through that deadly river. Some people say, “Why should I love?” You are to learn to love to keep your balance. You say you cannot love someone, because there is stinking, his feet smell, his hands, his breath smells. If you cannot bear this little stink here, how would you bear that one, in which if you fall, you will have to wash yourself for 250 years until cleaned?

40 days will pass until you pass from this world into the other one. You will travel for 40 days until you go from one coast to the other. You will go and come back, go and come back for 40 days. They will open the door for you on the 40th day. There is a door there for entering the other world. You will go to the door and return. They will examine you for 40 days. First they will ask you how you have lived and return you. You go again and knock again. They will ask how you feel, how you love people love, how you think. You will go, they will ask you questions and you will answer. If you answer correctly to all questions, they will open the doors for you and you will enter the other world. They will accept you now to live.

I say: do you prune the vine only once? If you have a vine stick for 80 years, you will prune it 80 times. You will prune it every year. You will prune it 80 times. This stick will grow up. I say: if we are pruned 80 times, we will eventually learn something. When they prune you 80-90 times, you will learn how to live, how to act, how to feel and how to think. Human thoughts are armor.

There is a way for concentrating. You can go from one range of light to another, but to do that you should get rid of all the impressions from the physical world. Once you isolate your mind from them you will go to the other world.

The one, who has left must go through a dark zone and only those, who understand the laws of the matter, can pass through the zone without being noticed by the lower spirits. After death, lower spirits begin to chase people in the dark zone to take what they carry. One, who has lived well, will easily go through there, but it is hard for one, who has not lived well. Such a soul passes through great hardships within 40 days after the death. Those, who have a ticket, are not chased. And what is the ticket? The ticket is the faith.

The tank of a righteous person is made of diamond, nothing can break it. If you decide to move to the other world, there is one enemy that will shell you by the most modern weapons. While you are passing through, you will be hit by these shells. Human thoughts, human feelings and human deeds are armor. It is not an easy job. There will be an angel to guide you, but this angel will put you into the tank that you yourself have made. It will go ahead by its tank, it will not put you in its own one, and you will travel by your tank. If the grenades do not break it, you will go to the other world, and if they break it, if they destroy your tank, you will go back. This is called rebirth. You will make another tank, will come to death, and that enemy will shell you again.

How a persecuted soul may be saved? It is possible only by the law of shrinking, of humility.

And you will become so small that no one can see you; you will be free from all earthly things. And when you go back, you will go back the same as you have come out. People, who move away from God, become big. But they become small near God. He returns to God. And he should be very small when he returns.

You all will die down the road you go. You will get old; you will lose your power; your legs, your stomach, and your lungs will be destroyed one day. One day they will take everything you have and send you to the other world. They will send you with a luggage of 33 grams. You have the right to take 33 grams from Earth. As you will pass through three stations, they will take 10 grams at each station and when enter the Divine world, you will only have 3 grams. You will have a small invisible cell and no one will see you. You will remain alone, will feel a loathing of life and see nothing, and you will not feel even yourself. You will know that you were a king and have become a nonentity, which is billions of times smaller than the modern ion. If we increase an ion as much as Earth, it will be again invisible.

While people talk about this world, our works go well, but when they start talking about the other world that it is beautiful, that it is nice, it is as if we are cut by a knife - we do not like listening about the other world. Why? It is because we understand this world, and we do not understand the other world. I have not seen a single person, who dies happily. There are a few exceptions in that regard. There is something incomprehensible for people, when the other world is mentioned. That is why I say: it is better for you not to die. Not because the other world is bad, but until you pass through these customs of death, through those tax-collectors, who will rob you, God forbid! They will rob you so that nothing will remains in your suitcases after passing by them. They will send you to the other world with not a stitch on. Therefore, you are right to be afraid of these tax-collectors. Tax-collectors of the other world are like those on Earth. They are doers of the law. If you fall among them, you will suffer. However, there is a way. The Old Testament says that when Elijah complained to God from the tax-collectors of the other world, God sent him a fiery chariot, by which he raised to Heaven. Elijah left only his coat on Earth. He went to the other world safely. He got rid of the tax-collectors. The second case of somebody passing through the tax-collectors without them taking something is with Jesus. They caught Him, held Him for three days at the customs and then, when the resurrection came, Jesus freed from their customs intact. For the others, for the ordinary people, however, there will be great confiscators. They have to go through all customs to pay their tax.

In death, we are afraid of the customs station. What we carry will pass through customs. What we have acquired in this world will be taken. This bothers us. Those customs officers are strict. They take everything! We are afraid to remain empty handed. We are not afraid of death, but of the customs officers. The difference between a righteous person and a sinner is that the sinner carries a lot of suitcases, and the smart, righteous person carries a very little suitcase – only a handkerchief, some small appliances, and even if they take them, he says, “I can exist even without them.” The righteous person has transferred his wealth some time ago. He does not carry it with him.

You are not allowed to bring on Earth anything from the Divine world. In the same way you are not allowed to take things from Earth to the Divine world. When one comes from the Divine world to Earth, there is a customs office at the border, where everything is sequestered and remains there. You come with lots of suitcases from Heaven, but when you reach the customs office, you leave everything there. It is the same when you go from Earth to Heaven, you will again leave everything at the customs.

There is no a better thing than one to be spiritually, mentally and heartily in good mood. Here are the tasks that await resolution. How will they be solved? They will be solved after the internal way. These tasks are important for both this and the other world. Wealth, which one will take to the other world, depends on how we solve them. You will leave everything on Earth, but you will take that wealth with you. So, the only wealth that one will take with him to the other world is the mildness of his spirit, the mildness of his soul, the mildness of his mind and the mildness of his heart.

There are cells that give nothing. There are cells that come for 1-2 years and go away, and there are such that remain with you even after death. A saint is one, whose body goes to the other world with him after death - all his thoughts, feelings, cells – everything is with him. Those thoughts that remain here on Earth are not his. When one leaves for the other world, he can understand how much capital he has had, what wealth he has had at his disposal.

When a person leaves Earth, the only things that he will take with him are three atoms: one that carries the wealth of his mind, another that carries the wealth of his heart, and a third one that carries the wealth of the will. Imagine what would be his wealth. An atom is calculated to be a 25 millionth part of the millimeter. It means to divide the millimeter into 25 million parts and take one. With those three atoms, with that wealth you will enter the other world. What will you do with them? However, there is so much energy in one atom that it can move Earth for a thousand years. He has so much hidden, compressed energy that it can move the Earth for a thousand years. What were these rational beings that were able to compress that enormous energy in such a small space?

When we leave, we will be met in space by different beings from different hierarchies, who live in societies according to the degree of their development like people here on Earth in countries. In the way we are requested to show our passports here at the border of a country, they request a passport there, too. They will ask us, “Where do you come from?” We have to answer, “From Bulgaria”. They will ask again, “Where do you go to?” We are to answer, “To the Kingdom of God.” Then they will let us go on.

I want to explain you a law: why one must enter into God? You have to because once burdened, you go to God to renovate. I call sins “burdening”. You have become old and your life has become pointless. What should such a person do? Why do people become religious in their old ages? In a very natural way - you need to go into God. You are already old and have nothing to do. You will go in God. Why? To rejuvenate, nothing more. It is because if you do not go into God, your sufferings will remain. When you enter in God, you get liberated. Till the last customs, your creditors will hold you. And when you go into God, none of them goes further. This is the last customs and your creditors say, “Leave him, he went to the other border.”

When you reach the royal gate, they will make you recite a poem or say a maxim or sing a song or you will do something for them to examine you.

In the invisible world, if you go, you should know the names of your left ones – they are given completely different names there. Let's say that you tell the name. Then they will ask you for the address.

They do not accept ill people in Heaven. They will ask you there, “Why are you ill? Didn't you have money, food, air or water? All this is given to you in abundance, but you have not used it properly. Come on, go back now to Earth to learn to use the goods properly.” Spiritual people must have absolutely healthy bodies, hearts and minds.


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